Acast was founded in 2014 and is the world’s largest independent podcast company. A pioneer in the open podcast ecosystem, Acast’s powerful podcast monetization marketplace delivers for creators and advertisers alike.

London, United Kingdom
Founded: 2014

Acast: Everyone's Got A Story

by Simon Franklin

Acast, the world's biggest podcast company, has launched a new advertising campaign highlighting its simple, smart, creator-first tools for podcasters of all sizes.

The “Everyone’s Got A Story” campaign features messages read by some of Acast’s most well-known podcasters, dynamically-inserted across its catalogue of more than 20,000 shows, alongside ads voiced by its own podcast-making staff members.

Acast’s network of shows receive more than 60 million listens in the UK every month, and this campaign encourages would-be podcasters around the UK to take the plunge and start their own show today. The audio ads will be accompanied by “Everyone’s Got A Story” messages shared across Acast’s social media channels, blog, and more.

Listeners will hear the voices of popular Acast podcasters — including Jessie Ware and mother Lennie from Table Manners, Dr. Rupy from The Doctor’s Kitchen, and the hosts of RedHanded, Hannah and Suruthi — telling their own unique tales of starting their own podcasts, and the motivation behind the stories they love sharing with the world.