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The Maynard sits alongside the great British public schools, dating back to 1658, they are a force to be reckoned with. But like all fine institutions, they have to compete in the modern world, and the increase in co-ed public schools over the last 20 or so years has left The Maynard being in the minority as an only girls school.


Our brief was to turn single sex education into a virtue by reiterating that girls learn differently and that the school is tailor 'made for girls' A secondary element to the brief was to communicate that the school was now taking pre-prep ages from 4 years old, and so delivering education for girls throughout their school career.


Our media strategy was crucial in delivering the message and elevating the schools stature way beyond its local competitors. So we developed an integrated campaign that included cinema advertising, to demonstrate gravitas and confidence in the brand alongside beautiful print and posters designed to target commuters coming into Exeter on key arterial routes.

Extensive targeting through digital channels including social media, Google and affiliate networks has allowed us to drilldown on The Maynard's core demographic and target different parent age groups, outlining the schools' ability to deliver first choice university places, but also parents with pre-school children encouraging them to come to the schools Discovery Morning in March.


  • Integrated Advertising
  • Video / cinema production
  • Social
  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • Digital Marketing