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Petroc is one of the leading colleges of Further and Higher Education in the South West. With campuses in Tiverton and Barnstaple in Devon, they offer a broad range of courses including A-Levels, apprenticeships and vocational qualifications. With years of expertise in supporting students, the team understands how different each learner's journey through education can be. That's why we created the #FullOfSurprises campaign. Our integrated campaign across social, digital, outdoor, cinema and press orchestrated just how surprising Petroc can be.


Create a campaign that would alter perceptions of a leading regional FE college and change the way people view Petroc.


Our digital strategy was integral to the success of this campaign, using separate channels to target both parents and students. We needed to alter perceptions of Petroc and the execution of the strategy achieved this, with Facebook targeting allowing us to compete with regional competitors and show that Petroc is different to how it used to be.

We were able to drill down and test different messaging to ensure that the purpose of the campaign was outlined to the relevant people. We used local cinema to show confidence in the brand alongside placements on YouTube and Facebook to gain brand confidence by identifying with key influencers amongst students.


  • Integrated Advertising
  • Video / cinema production
  • Social
  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • Digital Marketing