Sky TV - Landmark Love social media campaign

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With events such as the toppling of Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol calling into question our relationship to public monuments, 33Seconds used this insight to inform our approach to supporting the launch of the Sky Arts series, Landmark

A competitive format show, in which artists and local residents join forces to compete for the chance to create the UK's next major landmark, the series focused on the benefits of art in our communities and celebrating local talent. To engage audiences, spark debate, and focus the conversation on the positive aspects of public art, 33Seconds created an organic social campaign, asking audiences about which local landmarks they love and why.

As part of the campaign execution, six local artists were commissioned – one from each of the areas featured on the show - to create a map of their region, which when pieced together completed a full picture of the UK. The images showcased the styles of the artists - from traditional map-making to chaotic doodling - so that each section felt truly unique and reflected the individual regions. In addition to widespread engagement across Sky TV social channels, the artists also posted their map images via their own pages and feeds, broadening audience reach. Show talent such as presenter Gemma Cairney and Sky Arts ambassadors, including Charlotte Church, helped drive the conversation forward, highlighting the inclusive and inspiring possibilities of art in our public spaces.