Transforming Google's Approach to Social, Influencers and Advocacy

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Through tailor-made frameworks and first-of-a-kind programs, we have helped transform how Google approaches social, influence and advocacy

We provide the audience and cultural insights that inform Google’s product marketing strategy and help Google put social and people at the heart of product development.


Using advanced social analytics, we first developed consistent ROI frameworks for all of Google’s digital neighborhood marketing efforts. 1000heads built out a holistic value model for Google’s combined community, advocacy, and influencer workstreams in order to help Google measure activity consistently and establish best practice across the organization.


Driven by data, we then built out a 360° people-powered program architecture for Google’s hardware team incorporating multiple tiered cohorts from ‘Superfans’ to tiered influencers all the way through to global celebrity partnerships and even retail sales associates. Across each segment, we created an engagement strategy mapped to Google’s product roadmap as well as cultural calendar moments important for the Google brand to align with.


Our evergreen programs now deliver 100s of activations across the Google brand portfolio each year – all managed and measured through our proprietary VoiceBoxTM platform. Our strategy ensures social content is also amplified omni-channel to maximize reach and impact. Here, our team manages the integration of advocate generated content (AGC) and influencer generated content (IGC) across the multiple consumer touchpoints including CRM, Retail G-Store, as well as owned social.


31+ MILLION engagements via AGC (advocate generated content)

1 IN 3 owned social posts now sourced from AGC

$1 MILLION in annual production savings via AGC


Google’s digital neighborhood strategy is now helping transform the way Google creates products. Through ongoing collaboration with Superfans, Google’s hardware product roadmap and feature updates are becoming truly crowdsourced. Superfans are helping redefine the next generation of Google technology.

Social listening insights focusing on diverse audiences are also informing the way Google creates go-to-market programs for new features. One notable example is Real Tone, a feature which improves Pixel’s camera and imagery experiences for people of color.