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Retail and User Experience In collaboration with Juni Technology

Ecom marketing in 2022: Brand, demand & beyond

As marketers, we often find ourselves in a decision-making battle between brand and demand (gen). But what if we could do both, at the same time, in one campaign? 2022 will be the year when marketers...

Mathias Eriksson

brand & marketing director, Juni
Data In collaboration with Quantcast

Let the cookie crumble: Ad tech looks to the future with AI

Marketers who get ahead and start testing existing cookieless environments early can reap considerable competitive advantages, with time to experiment and optimize. AI has proven to be one of the most...

Stacey Perry

partner, chief digital officer, UK & Worldwide, m/SIX

Ben Murphy

UK managing director, Quantcast

Nicholas Flood

global ad product & revenue operation director, Future
Retail and User Experience In collaboration with Yahoo

The future of retail is hybrid

Shoppers are now mandating convenient experiences from retailers - quick delivery turnaround times, free and easy returns, the ability to shop at every touchpoint while also expecting engaging, entertaining...

Carina Moran

head of strategy, Yahoo UK
Data In collaboration with Playground xyz

Context, creative and attention: a game-changing fusion for 2022

Serving the right ad to your customers at the right time and place was meant to be the holy grail. That's now the minimum expectation for all campaigns, but are customers really paying attention?...

Rob Hall

chief executive officer, Playground xyz
The ad spend forecast

Brian Wieser's 2022 ad spend predictions

GroupM's Brian Wieser shares how the ad market will make a startling recovering in 2022, breaking it down sector by sector, he makes future predictions.

John McCarthy

media editor, The Drum

Brian Wieser

global president, business intelligence, GroupM
Gaming and entertainment In collaboration with Adobe SEA

Why is the entire industry transforming to 3D visualizations?

Today, businesses worldwide realize that 3D is extremely flexible, efficient, timely, cost-effective, scalable and sustainable. Entire industries are transforming as a result. From global industrial...

Meizi Yan

territory manager, SEA, 3Di, Adobe SEA
Agency of the future In collaboration with Meta Business Partners

The big agency opportunity: Cross-channel performance in 2022

The online customer journey has never been more complex but agencies that can translate this for brands will thrive. An agency that understands the role that both search and social have in driving success...

Taa Visudhipol

chief commercial officer & co-founder, dotMATTER

Chaola Nachampassak

regional performance specialist, global agency, Meta

Charlotte McEleny

publisher, APAC, The Drum
Agency of the future

The Drum Network: Agencies of the future

Agencies are proud drivers of change, introducing not just new technologies and creative ideas but ways of working and business models that go on to shape the working world. They're also by nature...

Sam Anderson

editor, The Drum Network, The Drum

Tarek Nseir

VP, head of digital engagement practice, Europe, Previously founder of Think agency bought by EPAM

Kunal Muzumdar

partner, managing director, AnalogFolk, New York

Faye Daffarn

managing director, Tug

Kristi VandenBosch

president, OLIVER U.S.
Brand of the future

Hype versus reality: top futurists call bullshit on today’s marketing trends

For every metaverse there is a Second Life. For every no-alcohol beer trend there is dry or ice beer fad. For every QR code, there is – well, those actually worked out fine. It just took longer than...

Ken Hein

US editor, The Drum

David (Shingy) Shing

digital prophet, Shingy

Piers Fawkes

founder/president, PSFK

Keely Adler

vice president, cultural futurist, dentsuMB
Addressable media In collaboration with Finecast

Inside the box: discovering new pockets for growth through addressable TV

In 2022, addressable TV will herald a step-change for the industry with data-driven targeting, dynamic creative and more real-time measurement allowing for optimization at an unfathomable scale. A combined...

Kristian Claxton

managing partner, Finecast

Matthew Birkby

formerly global media director, Electronic Arts
Brand of the future In collaboration with InMobi

The indisputable magic of mobile: Future-proofing your brand for Southeast Asia's mobile-first consumer

Are you prepared for tomorrow's connected consumer? Southeast Asians spend close to five hours daily on their smartphones, proving the indisputable magic of mobile. From riding the m-commerce wave...

Rishi Bedi

vice president and general manager, SEA, JP & KR, InMobi
Retail and User Experience In collaboration with Double Verify

Attention, please! Advertising has a new currency

Advertising’s new currency is attention – and it’s going to help advertisers ensure accountability overspend. It isn’t only reactive, it’s the organic extension of an existing verification...

Nick Reid

senior vice president and managing director EMEA, DoubleVerify
B2B marketing's next level In collaboration with Omobono

B2B’s next level: where digital marketing goes from here

Business-to-business marketing is a whole other animal now. Top players in the field have openly embraced digital channels, consumer-esque tactics and an empathetic mindset. Old school tactics have...

Simon McEvoy

head of strategy, Omobono

Anamika Gupta

director, head of customer marketing, Fujitsu America
Purpose and sustainability In collaboration with SeenThis

Internet sustainability: Reducing the CO2 of digital media

The demand for sustainable solutions to deliver digital media will accelerate as brands embark on their decarbonization journey throughout 2022. As a result, the media industry will shift focus from...

Andrew Hayward-Wright

partnerships director, SeenThis
Data In collaboration with OneTrust

First-Party Data: The future of personalization built on trust and privacy

With third-party cookies ending in 2023, marketers are starting to transition to first-party data. Even though this deprecation does not mean cookie banners are going away, it does mean that companies...

Arshdeep Sood

marketing solutions engineer, OneTrust PreferenceChoice
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