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E7. Christmas trends with Kantar

The Drum's reporter Amy Houston chats to Kantar UK's head of creative excellence Lynne Deason about how they use data to help advertisers inform their Christmas campaigns.

E6. Reinventing radio with 72andSunny

The Drum’s reporter Amy Houston chats to 72andSunny's creative directors Jeff Lam and Tahirah Edwards Byfield about the brilliant campaign they made for Amazon’s live radio app Amp.

E5. Lovehoney, Essity and the issue with big tech

The Drum's creative reporter Amy Houston chats to Lovehoney’s head of sexual empowerment Johanna Rief and Essity's global innovation, brand and communications director Tanja Grubner about the issues that both companies face with big tech.

E4. Allies in advertising with MadeBrave

The Drum's creative reporter Amy Houston chats to MadeBrave's creative director Paloma Pini-Reed and deputy creative director Naresh Subhash about LGBTQ+ representation in the advertising industry.

E3. The joys of later life sex

The Drum's creative reporter Amy Houston chats to Ogilvy UK's Jules Chalkley about the ad that got everyone talking about the joy of later life sex.

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E11. Fred Moore - How to build strong relationships with clients and partners?

This week, host Mike Lander is joined by Fred Moore (COO, Matter Of Form). Here they talk about balancing short-term optimization with the bigger picture, promoting creativity and innovation in decision-making, and how to building strong relationships with clients and partners.

E4. How BMB and Electric Theatre Collective took a Victorian animation tool and modernized it using CGI

My next guests are Matt Lever who is chief creative officer at BMB and Dean Robinson who is head of CG at Electric Theatre Collective. In this episode, we talk through their latest campaign for mobilty app Freenow and why they took the Victorian zoetrope and used CGI to create a colorful, layered ad campaign.

E10. Gareth Turner - What is a BATNA in negotiation?

Baked beans on Weetabix anyone? Whatever your opinion on the recipe suggestion, you’re likely to have heard about it, thanks to Gareth Turner (founder and director, Big Black Door), who led on the ‘Beanz on Bix’ campaign in 2019. Here, Turner speaks to host Mike Lander about the value of having distinct roles in a negotiation, the leveraging power of BATNAs (best alternative to a negotiated agreement), and the importance of understanding which power dynamics are truly at play.

E3. Why Cadbury's Christmas ad resonated so well audiences last year

It might be March but in this week's episode we are discussing all things Christmas marketing. Sharing their wisdom we have Lynne Deason who is head of creative excellence at Kantar and Emma Jayne Paxton who has the fabulous job title of head of Christmas and Halloween at Mondalez International. We find out why Cadbury's Christmas ad last year won over the nation.

E6. Will the D2C brand revolution flourish or fizzle?

DTC brands, especially Chinese giants like Shein, have been big news for all sorts of reasons over the last couple of years: their remarkable growth, but also challenges around their sustainability and quality. Is this an evolution that will continue to evolve, one that more established brands will be able to incorporate in the long-run, or a flash in the pan?

E9. Jaye Cowle – How to negotiate as a small agency

Jaye Cowle (managing director, Launch) is on a mission to create the happiest agency in the world. And this focus on happiness doesn’t end with her staff. For Cowle, business partnerships are doomed if both sides aren’t happy with the outcome. But when you’re a small agency, how can you negotiate a satisfactory outcome for both sides? Here, Cowle talks to host Mike Lander about why small agencies are the perfect partners for unsexy challenger brands, the importance of measurement in today’s world, and why the term ‘overservicing’ has been banned at her agency.