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What is the future of OOH - and where are the biggest opportunities?

For our out-of-home (OOH) deep dive, we're taking a look beyond the exciting developments of 2022 to where this exciting discipline is headed next. What can brands expect to see over the next couple of years - and where should they be investing their time and money to stay ahead of the curve?

How are marketers balancing privacy and personalization?

We're told that people shopping (and just existing) online want two things: privacy and personalization. In recent history, we haven't all done a great job of marrying up those two values - even leaving aside major scandals like Cambridge Analytica, most of us now don't trust big platforms and advertisers to use our data responsibly, while personalization efforts continue to misfire. We'll ask data and privacy experts: what are brands and platforms doing to tackle this battery of problems, and what should they be doing better?

Programmatic marketing 101

On this week's episode of The Drum Network Podcast, we take a step back and examine everything about the state of programmatic in 2022. Gathering a few programmatic experts, we'll get the rest of the industry up to speed on the programmatic essentials and what's going on in this space that they should be keeping an eye on.

Who leads the creation of a great employer brand?

With the talent crisis still biting, employer branding is an undeniable growth area in the industry. The dream is that it can overhaul talent attraction, retention, and even productivity. In this episode, we gather top-level practitioners to ask: is it really possible to change these things quickly? And how will smart employers start to improve their work in this space? Senior reporter Chris Sutcliffe speaks to Catherine Fallon, partner & head of engagement and change at Emperor, and Emma Tolhurst, executive director of brand-led employee experience at Landor & Fitch.

Globalization deep dive: global to local and back again

For globalization month we want to consider the modern rule book for rapid, global brand expansion. Which brands can marketers look to for smart, sustainable international growth? Which channels and strategies should they prioritize? And what are the still under-used tricks and levers to pull? Senior tech reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by Alessandra Pinho, brand strategy director, Jellyfish; Claudia Stephenson, managing director, EMEA, INVNT; Keith Taylor, head of brand & partner, Emperor; and Max Dawes, COO of Zappar.

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Streaming and the Future of TV

Live streaming took off in the pandemic - for influencers, for media organisations, for events, and for businesses. What platforms are a sure bet, and which new players are worth a look? What are the opportunities on streaming? In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast, host Chris Sutcliffe is joined by three expert guests to discuss everything from ad-supported streaming to whether we'll ever see the Xenomorph from Alien 3 drinking a Pepsi again.

Web3 for marketers: where are the opportunities?

On this week's episode, our senior reporter Chris Sutcliffe hears from three web3 experts about the opportunities for brands from the next iteration of the internet. From a shift of power from platform to user, or the ability to create communities, to the lessons we can learn from gaming communities that have pioneered web3 techniques, this podcast gives a comprehensive overview of web3 for brands.

The Power of Sound: our Audio deep dive

In line with our ongoing Audio Deep Dive on, this week we hear from three experts all about the marketing opportunities in audio content. Audiences spend a third of their total time with media with audio content, and the vast majority of growth of audio listenership is coming from mobile devices. That’s created a huge opportunity for brands to speak directly to consumers, on the platforms where they’re most engaged.

NFTs: the brand opportunity in a volatile market

On this week's episode of The Drum Network Podcast, senior tech reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by a panel of experts to discuss how brands should be using NFTs. The panel acknowledges that there have been wobbles (which is putting it mildly) in terms of how NFTs have been created and monetised to date. Despite that there is still an awful lot of value to the web3-based tokens, not least around community building and storytelling. So while we might still be in the experimentation phase, how are some of the biggest brands going about actually deploying NFTs?

Sports marketing: how tech empowers sporting communities

Senior tech reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by a panel of experts to discuss: • What trends are sports brands riding in 2022? Are audiences more health conscious than ever, or are sporty consumers spending more? • What personal health tech is creating new opportunities for marketers? • Is sports marketing still predicated on big tournaments and events? • Sports brands are outperforming in the metaverse - what is it about sports that works especially well in that regard? This week's panel is made up of Jenny Mitton, Director and Women’s Sport Lead, M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment; Adam Britton, Managing director, TrunkBBI; Roger Barr, Chief Digital Officer, iCrossing; and Ann Wool, President of Translation.

The Influence Economy

Influencers are big business. They're increasingly recognized as genuine change-makers by mainstream media, and they collectively make up one of the fastest-growing marketing channels. The industry around them is increasingly specialized and wide-ranging. From a panel reflecting the breadth of that industry, we'll ask: what are the most exciting corners of that industry right now, and where's the smart work heading? To discuss all that, senior tech reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by: · Robbie Murch, Founder, Bump agency · Kineta Kelsall, Senior Director, Training (Social Media), Jellyfish · Bea Iturregui, VP of Brand Partnerships, Cycle (Wasserman)

How tech empowers creative collaboration

The past few years have forced an accelerated evolution on the marketing industry. Separated by circumstance, marketing practitioners have been made to work together remotely. Tech has empowered us to continue working, in new and occasionally more effective ways. But what does remote collaboration mean as the world returns to normal - and how are we using the lessons learned from the past few years to drive innovation forward? From the rise of workflow tools like Slack to asset creation software like Unreal Engine 5, the sky's the limit when it comes to harnessing our creativity collaboratively. Sutcliffe is joined by Rae Stones, creative director of Oliver Agency and Sam Pepper, creative director at Wasserman, to discuss the future of creative collaboration.

Influence vs control: the morals of behavioural marketing

In this week's episode we take a look at the possibility of behavioural marketing - both the good and the bad. In order to do behavioural science effectively we have to gather information on our audiences. But what happens when that data is misused - and how do we ensure it's only used constructively? The Drum's senior tech reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by an expert panel, consisting of: Tara Austin of Ogilvy; Reading Room's Alexei Lee; and Roy Armale of VMLY&R Commerce.

Possibility, interaction and the unknown: the rebirth of live events

On this week's episode of The Drum Show we hear from a panel of experts about how live events are surging back to life in the wake of the pandemic. The panel discusses how to keep the best of what we learned from doing purely digital events; whether the term 'hybrid' was a buzzword that is already being retired; and how a brand can be a part of live events in a way that enhances the appeal of the overall campaign.

Massively multiplayer: why gamers are the ultimate marketing opportunity

All this week on The Drum we've been running our Gaming Deep Dive. Powered by the insights of the gamers among The Drum's journalists and The Drum Network's experts, we've been taking a look at the marketing opportunities around gaming. In this bumper-length episode, The Drum's senior tech reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by: • Toni Pizza, senior producer at Jack Morton • Eva Steiner, art director, Ogilvy • Jon Goynshor, SVP, global head of partnerships, VMLY&R Commerce • Rafe Blandford, chief product office, Digitas UK

Behavioural science: the fusion of art and science in marketing

On this week's episode we discuss all things behavioural marketing. We're asking: What tools do marketers have to understand (and shape) attention, motivation and behavior? What are the cutting-edge techniques, approaches, and tools that help scientists and marketers understand how people think? What tools do you and your teams use, and what light do they shine on human behaviour? What are the key insights from your own work, or the industry, or the scientific community that can make (or are making) marketers' lives easer and their work better? What are the next frontiers in behavioural science, neuroscience, or related disciplines that smart marketers should be keeping an eye on?

The rise and rise of digital advertising

This week on The Drum we're taking a look at everything digital advertising, from its past to its future potential. In this episode we're joined by Jason Hartley, head of search, social and shopping at PMG; Alice Jennifer Moore, principal consultant analytics at Foolproof; and Pascal Coggia, UK managing director & partner at Artefact.

Are agency business models fit for purpose?

On this week's episode of The Drum Network Podcast we discuss whether agency business models are agile and resilient enough to fit clients' needs. After Keith Weed argued that many agencies are failing to meet the specific needs of their partners, we ask a panel of experts from across the marketing industry how they think about their own models. This week we are joined by: • Natasha Potashnik, SVP and Partner, Known • Chris Woodward, UK group managing director, Oliver • Shana Bellot, head of business partnerships and account management, Strawberryfrog • Georgie Monaghan, marketing director, Propellernet

Deepdive podcast: surprising and delighting with CX

For the past week The Drum has been examining CX, and how it underpins so much of brands' successes. We've taken a look at everything from how digitalisation is changing the philosophy of CX, how good CX is accessible and conducive for mental health, and how individual brands are outperforming competitors through clever deployment of CX tools. In order to cap the week, this special TDN podcast features insight from: • John Campbell, MD, Rabbit & Pork • Jane Austen, chief experience officer, Digitas • Richard Palmer, head of strategy, EMEA, Appnovation • Jacob Harris, partner, Known.iz

The golden age of Growth Marketing

In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast we hear from a panel of experts about whether we have entered the golden age of growth marketing. From the definitional - how does growth marketing differ from performance marketing - to the existential, we ask which brands can benefit the most from this growth oriented approach. Senior reporter for tech at The Drum Chris Sutcliffe is joined by four fantastic guests to discuss everything growth marketing: • Farhad Koodoruth, CEO, Threepipe Reply • Heather Barnett, head of marketing, The Marketing Practice • Chris Jones, managing director, Space & Time • Tom Davies, senior designer, Frog Design

Deepdive podcast: building brilliant brands

In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast we dive into what it takes to rapidly grow a brand without losing what makes it unique. Our guests flag up everything from Salt Bae to Unilever in order to determine the role purpose plays in growing a brilliant brand, where tech empowers and restricts growth, and which sectors we expect to see a new challenger brand emerge from next. Senior reporter for The Drum Chris Sutcliffe is joined by Daniel Liddle, SEO lead at Impression; Amanda Glasgow, creative director EMEA at Appnovation; Mel Henson, head of creative at Optimizon; and Marcus Foley, co-founder and chief growth officer at This Is Tommy.

Can marketing ever be environmentally friendly?

Sustainability and activities on behalf of our planet are at the centre of many brands' activities, but even for those where that isn't the case, it is at least a growing concern. So how do we speak on behalf of brands around sustainability - and how can marketers lead the way on environmental issues? To discuss all this and more, The Drum's senior report Chris Sutcliffe is joined by three guests, each with years of experience and expertise around sustainable practices. Featuring Elena Linczenyiova, director for content and policy at ICF Next; Peter Bardell, co-founder of Revolt London; and Jose Sel de Felipe, executive producer atCult LDN, this podcast seeks to answer whether the marketing industry is leading the way around sustainability.

The Future of Platforms in Marketing

Social platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook offer huge opportunities for marketers. They are the new de facto gatekeepers to huge audiences, and there are very few other means to reach younger audiences at scale with ease. But that access comes with trade-offs, and different platforms emerge and disappear rapidly. To discuss that rapidly evolving landscape, and how we can ensure the primacy of brands when it comes to marketing on platforms, we're joined by three experts from across the industry. Amy Gilbert, head of social at The Social Element; Tahir Rashid, paid media manager at Unrivaled; and Callum Gill, head of insight and innovation at DRP Group, join The Drum's senior reporter Chris Sutcliffe to discuss all things platform-related.

The future of indie vs network agencies

What do we mean when we talk about 'indie' vs 'network' agencies? Is it even a helpful discussion in 2022 - or is it only relevant when we talk about the realities of employing people in organisations of different scales? To discuss everything indie vs network, senior reporter for The Drum Chris Sutcliffe is joined by three experts in the field to discuss their breadth of experience across both sides of the spectrum. Jellyfish's managing director for the UK Rick Lamb, Space & Time executive director Heather Connearn and managing director of ClickThrough Marketing Chris Roberts join this week's episode. The Drum Network Podcast is available on Spotify, on iTunes, Google Play and your favourite podcast app.

Marketing and the metaverse

Tying into The Drum's weeklong deepdive into the metaverse, senior reporter for The Drum Chris Sutcliffe asks three guests what the future of marketing in virtual spaces will look like. From the earliest gaming iterations of the metaverse, brands have always had a place in virtual spaces. In this episode of The Drum Network podcast we are joined by chief product officer of Digitas UK Rafe Blandford, co-founder and CEO of Invnt Scott Cullather, and PMG client strategy lead Ting Zheng.

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Budget retail marketing 101

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How to stand out in the AI market

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Data, personalization and digitization in health and pharma

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