The Drum Awards for PR 2022

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E8. World Cup with TalkSport

The Drum's reporter Amy Houston chats to Russell Ramsey, Executive Creative Director at Pulse Creative London about its TalkSport World Cup campaign.

E26. The next phase of AI: what are the opportunities for marketers?

'Artificial intelligence' has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people: some picture androids; others will think of the algorithms already powering Google and even smaller tech initiatives. In this episode we'll take stock of where the progress has reached so far, what it's enabled in the world of marketing, and what on the horizon has the power to change the marketer's toolkit even more radically.

E8. TV streaming trends in 2022 unwrapped

Media editor John McCarthy and TV journalist Hannah Bowler recap the past 12-months of streaming news and boy it was a big one. 2022 was the year Netflix got ads, Warner Bros and Discovery merged, and cinema was dealt a huge blow by changing streaming habits.

E7. Christmas trends with Kantar

The Drum's reporter Amy Houston chats to Kantar UK's head of creative excellence Lynne Deason about how they use data to help advertisers inform their Christmas campaigns.

E25. How are marketers balancing privacy and personalization?

We're told that people shopping (and just existing) online want two things: privacy and personalization. In recent history, we haven't all done a great job of marrying up those two values - even leaving aside major scandals like Cambridge Analytica, most of us now don't trust big platforms and advertisers to use our data responsibly, while personalization efforts continue to misfire. We'll ask data and privacy experts: what are brands and platforms doing to tackle this battery of problems, and what should they be doing better?

E7. From GamesMaster to Pimp My Ride, how brands can make good TV

Advertiser funded content is a tough nut to crack you need three perfectly aligned partners from brands, to producer to publisher. Channel 4, Vice and eBay share their best practices.