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E12. Inside Vanish's £1m Channel 4 diversity in ad campaign

On the final episode of season 2, we catch up with Holly Iles who is a senior creative at Havas London and wrote the recent Vanish ad that won Channel 4's Diversity in Advertising award.

E11. The story behind The Self Space's personal billboards that detailed gripping mental health stories

On this week's episode I'm chatting with Rani Patel and Josh Tenser from the newly-launched London agency Calling about the work with highstreet therapy brand The Self Space. They commissioned real people to write candidly about their state of mind in a series of beautiful letters.

E10. Why Ryan Gosling was the perfect person for Tag Heuer's blockbuster ad

This week's guests are Tag Heuer's chief maketing officer George Ciz and Alexander Kalchev, chief creative officer at DDB Paris. Together, they chat through exactly how the watch brand landed top Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling to star in the 60th anniversary film for the Carrera model.

E9. How Nuud is tackling chewing gum's shocking plastic problem

This week's guests are Nuud's founder Keir Carnie and Paulo Salomao who is co-founder at The Or. Together, they explain why they decided to take on big chewing gum brands for the lack of transparacy around plastic content. Spoiler alert: some of these stats will shock you.

E8. How Nurofen’s fake medicine pinpointed the gender pain gap

Our next guest is Ruth Boulter, creative director at McCann London, who joins us to speak about the latest Nurofen ad campaign that tackled the important topic of the gender pain gap.

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E6. How Tangerine took aim at bleak banks with a Severance-style ad

This week's guests are Aaron Starkman, who is global chief creative officer at Rethink Canada and John Rocco, head of global brand at Scotiabank/ Tangerine. In this fascinating and often hilarious chat we dive into the latest work for the bank that got so many people talking.

E5. How Rosa Paris embraced a copy cat campaign with humour

My next guest is Gilles Fichteberg, co-founder of French agency Rosa Paris. In this episode, he retells how his team found out that one of their ads had been copied scene for scene. It's an eye-opening tale and one you won't want to miss.

E4. How BMB and Electric Theatre Collective took a Victorian animation tool and modernized it using CGI

My next guests are Matt Lever who is chief creative officer at BMB and Dean Robinson who is head of CG at Electric Theatre Collective. In this episode, we talk through their latest campaign for mobilty app Freenow and why they took the Victorian zoetrope and used CGI to create a colorful, layered ad campaign.

E3. Why Cadbury's Christmas ad resonated so well audiences last year

It might be March but in this week's episode we are discussing all things Christmas marketing. Sharing their wisdom we have Lynne Deason who is head of creative excellence at Kantar and Emma Jayne Paxton who has the fabulous job title of head of Christmas and Halloween at Mondalez International. We find out why Cadbury's Christmas ad last year won over the nation.

E1. How Leo Burnett made ‘The Lost Class’, the most-awarded campaign of the past year

We kick off season two of The Drum’s Anatomy of an Ad podcast with a difficult yet important topic. Last year, Leo Burnett Chicago’s campaign for Change the Ref got everyone speaking about gun violence in the US and in this episode, the agencies top creatives Sam Shepherd and Ashley Geisheker detail how they managed to hoodwink prominent NRA members to become anti-gun spokespeople.

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E11. Hybrid realities: how real-world marketing blends with digital experiences

'Phygital reality' was thr buzzword du jour a couple of years back, replaced more recently by the wider catch-all 'hybrid'. Whatever you call these blended experiences (and perhaps you're already calling them something new), a marrying-up between the digital and physical worlds has become a goal for many. Here, we investigate not just total CX approaches that bring journeys through both worlds, but cutting-edge technical applications that merge the two; examples of work that shows the way forward; and thinking about what all this means for the marketing landscape.

E6. What digital availability really means in B2B

B2B marketing is often centered around building sophisticated tech stacks to serve complex buyer journeys at scale. But has this been to the detriment of B2B brand building? We tackle the important topic of digital and mental availability in B2B and how B2B brands can get it right. Hosted by Andrea Glenn.

E20. Anthony Groves - The evolving landscape of marketing communications and procurement

This week, host Mike Lander talks to Anthony Groves (Chief Commercial Officer, Dentsu International) about negotiation strategies and expertise, collaboration and the rapid changes and emerging trends in marketing communications.

E19. Katie Evans - The importance of communication and relationship building in negotiation

This week, host Mike Lander talks to Katie Evans (CMO, Burger King UK) about the importance of communication and relationship building, aligned objectives and mutual benefit, and learning from past experiences and preparation.

E12. Inside Vanish's £1m Channel 4 diversity in ad campaign

On the final episode of season 2, we catch up with Holly Iles who is a senior creative at Havas London and wrote the recent Vanish ad that won Channel 4's Diversity in Advertising award.

E18. Simon Thomas - The role of cultural considerations in negotiations and marketing

In this episode, host Mike Lander speaks to Group M’s Simon Thomas about cultural considerations in negotiations and marketing, the evolving landscape and challenges in media procurement, and challenges and opportunities in the advertising industry.