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E16. Marketing to the Marginalised

In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast we discuss the progress (and lack of) our industry has made when it comes to marketing to the marginalised. From a lack of representation within brands and agencies to well-meaning but flawed approaches, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to create a genuinely inclusive strategy. The Drum' senior reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by Jellyfish's Abigail Balfe, GottaBe's Tomasz Dyl and Ogilvy's Victoria Day in order to ask the question: 'are we making progress when it comes to marketing to the marginalised?' From which brands are succeeding, to whether it is ever possible to market effectively without input from the people we are marketing to, this episode is a capper to The Drum's Marketing and the Marginalised deep dive.

E15. What will agile marketing businesses look like in 2022?

In this episode The Drum's own Olivia Atkins talks to two experts about what it means to be an agile marketing business. Agility has become something of a meaningless term for businesses, used to mean whatever that particular business wants to say about itself. But beyond the buzzword there are real implications for how a business organises itself to allow for fast and flexible working practices. In this episode Andy Peddar, CEO and co-founder of Deazy, and Simon Penson, partner at Haatch, discuss their own experimentation with making businesses agile, and what it means to be adaptable in an industry that faces frequent upheaval.

E14. How can agencies make the most of the data relationship?

As part of our Data deep dive, The Drum invited three experts from its network of agencies on to discuss all things data. Whether that's examining potential headwinds in the use of data, how it's fundamentally empowering our clients, or how we approach that client-user relationship as a third party - these guests break down the opportunities around data. We're joined by Justin Scarborough, senior director of programmatic at PMG; Aisling Cahill, senior operations manager at Jellyfish; and Ryan Webb, conversion and analytics director at Adapt Worldwide. Stay tuned to the end to find out how you can pick their brains about their expertise!

E13. Attracting and retaining young talent

We know from conversations with Network members - and people outside the marketing industry - that there are huge challenges to attracting and retaining young talent. In this episode of The Drum Network podcast, we ask three experts about how they're going about creating a work environment that is conducive to young talent. Hannah Grace of Cult LDN, Mike Petricevic of Waste Creative, and Oliver Bruce of Pinpoint Media join senior reporter for The Drum Chris Sutcliffe to discuss the issue.

E12. Off the shelves: the future of retail and e-commerce

In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast, which coincides with The Drum's retail deepdive, we hear from three experts about the future of retail and e-commerce. Over the past 18 months e-commerce has boomed, but the trends that predated the pandemic have continued apace. So where should smart agencies and retailers be placing their chips for the future, and how are retailers replicating the strengths of brick-and-mortar in digital spaces?

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E10. A two-way street: what is the future of in-housing for agencies?

On this week's episode of The Drum Network podcast we hear about the challenges, opportunities and practicalities around in-housing. As clients look to agencies to be far more consultative and to develop a long-term understanding of their brands, what does that do to the relationship between agency and client? Are discussions around remuneration more difficult, and what are the key benefits of a hybrid relationship?

E9. The personal future of travel

Travel is ambitious, it’s aspirational, and it’s often among the most memorable experiences of our entire lives. Over the past year, though, it’s also been mostly impossible, and travel marketing trends have been forced to accelerate. In this episode you’re going to hear from two travel marketing experts about the opportunities for brands and agencies to get involved in the consumer journey around travel. First, Carly Whiteford, strategy director at OMD EMEA, explains how tech is allowing agencies to become an integral part of the consumer journey before, during and after the trip itself. Then John Speers, founder of Kemosabe, takes us through how the travel marketing industry is set to change in the near future.

E8. Keeping the Spark: Going from small-to-mid without losing the vision

In this first episode of our Keeping the Spark sub-series, we ask Becky Simms of Reflect Digital about the reality of growing your agency from a small to a mid-sized agency - without sacrificing the culture or values that underpin your work.

E7. The Future of TV: Part Two

We couldn't discuss the future of TV in a single episode. This time Richard Carroll, senior digital marketing consultant at Capgemini Invent, takes us through the platform agnostic future of television. We discuss the vast range of choice audiences have in terms of video content, platforms, and even how they choose to pay. What happens when (and if) consumers get used to subscription-first television - is there room for ad-supported interruptive television content? Where will investment come from and will there be room for challenger platforms among the giants of Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video?

E6. The Future of TV: Part One

Television provides us with some of our most well-known cultural touchstones, from the shared experience of discussing the latest episode of Strictly Come Dancing to speculating online about the next episode of a murder mystery show. The television landscape is increasingly fragmented, with a vast array of platforms and channels delivering more choice of shortform and longform content than ever before. The line between film and TV is also blurring, and even the most staid and traditional broadcaster is experimenting with new forms of video to appeal to younger audiences.

E5. The Future of Live Events: The Impossible Normal

Last time we spoke about the opportunities and potential of hybrid events. This episode we’re diving into the nitty gritty of hybrid, from the current issue of solving the virtual networking problem, to maintaining the hype pre- and post- digital event. To begin with, though, I asked Emma Bartholomew, who sits on the advisory board for Paradise, to tell us about why ‘hybrid’ events have become the great hope of the industry over the next few years. Then, Neil Mason, executive creative director for INVNT, tells us about why some of the challenges around hybrid events are no different from those around more traditional formats, but how tech like VR and AR are accelerating those opportunities.

E4. The Future of Live Events: Hybrid Theory

In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast, we're joined by experts from Lively and Verve to discuss hybrid events. We take a look at the definition of hybrid, how agencies and brands are adapting to consumer expectations, and ask if content or UX is the bedrock of a great hybrid event.

E2. 2021 Predictions: Part Two

In this second part of The Drum Network's 2021 Predictions podcast, we're joined by representatives of Croud and Jack Morton to discuss the tech and social trends that we hope will stick around for the rest of the year. Insights this time include the rising tide of empathy among our co-workers, the rise of hybrid events, and the ultimate endgoal of personal development.

E1. How is DTC evolving to meet customers' new needs?

In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast, The Drum's Chris Sutcliffe and Space & Time's Andy Griffiths discuss the phenomenal changes that have occurred within DTC marketing over the past year - and where it might go in the near future.

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E7. Will web3 really bring a sea change for marketers and consumers?

In this episode, senior reporter, Chris Sutcliff discuss the below topics with the guests from the industry: What are the best examples of web3 tech being used by brands - and how does it intersect with how consumers and audiences are using web3? Where is there still headroom for development in web3? Are we still waiting for true utility with NFTs, interoperability of metaverse platforms etc.? Where should smart marketers place their chips for web3 - and does it vary between verticals and sectors? How optimistic are you that web3 will deliver on its promise in the next two, five, ten years?

E11. Fred Moore - How to build strong relationships with clients and partners?

This week, host Mike Lander is joined by Fred Moore (COO, Matter Of Form). Here they talk about balancing short-term optimization with the bigger picture, promoting creativity and innovation in decision-making, and how to building strong relationships with clients and partners.

E4. How BMB and Electric Theatre Collective took a Victorian animation tool and modernized it using CGI

My next guests are Matt Lever who is chief creative officer at BMB and Dean Robinson who is head of CG at Electric Theatre Collective. In this episode, we talk through their latest campaign for mobilty app Freenow and why they took the Victorian zoetrope and used CGI to create a colorful, layered ad campaign.

E10. Gareth Turner - What is a BATNA in negotiation?

Baked beans on Weetabix anyone? Whatever your opinion on the recipe suggestion, you’re likely to have heard about it, thanks to Gareth Turner (founder and director, Big Black Door), who led on the ‘Beanz on Bix’ campaign in 2019. Here, Turner speaks to host Mike Lander about the value of having distinct roles in a negotiation, the leveraging power of BATNAs (best alternative to a negotiated agreement), and the importance of understanding which power dynamics are truly at play.

E3. Why Cadbury's Christmas ad resonated so well audiences last year

It might be March but in this week's episode we are discussing all things Christmas marketing. Sharing their wisdom we have Lynne Deason who is head of creative excellence at Kantar and Emma Jayne Paxton who has the fabulous job title of head of Christmas and Halloween at Mondalez International. We find out why Cadbury's Christmas ad last year won over the nation.

E6. Will the D2C brand revolution flourish or fizzle?

DTC brands, especially Chinese giants like Shein, have been big news for all sorts of reasons over the last couple of years: their remarkable growth, but also challenges around their sustainability and quality. Is this an evolution that will continue to evolve, one that more established brands will be able to incorporate in the long-run, or a flash in the pan?