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TikTok, Spotify and Shazam: what's changed in music marketing

In the latest episode of The Drum Network podcast, industry experts explore the evolving landscape of music marketing. Join Dare Balogun from M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment, Kristen Mitchell from Wasserman, Glenn Minerley from Momentum Worldwide and Sara Yazdani from Creativ Strategies as they discuss the impact of digital platforms, social media, and live performances on promoting artists, tracks and brands. Gain valuable insights into measuring success, navigating PR strategies, and the changing dynamics between artists, labels, and fans.

Creators everywhere: the rise of influencers and creative collaboration

In the latest episode of The Drum Network Podcast, industry experts delve into the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing. Join Derek Goode from 160over90 and Natalie Silverstein from Collectively as they discuss the latest regulations impacting creators, emphasizing the importance of transparent disclosures. The conversation explores building long-term relationships with influencers, sharing valuable insights for CMOs on centralizing influencer strategies. Discover key takeaways for navigating the influencer landscape and leveraging social media as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

M&A consolidation and spend: the outlook for 2024

In latest episode of The Drum Network Podcast, ad industry experts discuss the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within the agency space. From post-acquisition communication strategies with clients to the importance of internal and external comms, our experts share their experiences and tips for a seamless integration process. The conversation delves into the evolving landscape of agency services, the impact of international markets on M&A decisions, and predictions for mergers in 2024. Gain valuable insights into the positive aspects of M&A and considerations for agency leaders in a rapidly changing industry.

How can psychology inspire more effective marketing?

How does psychology play a role in agency business and campaign development? In this episode, experts from Momentum Worldwide, DRPG, and Unlimited discuss how understanding consumer behaviors, emotions, and motivations through research can provide insights to create more impactful marketing. Learn from examples of campaigns inspired by psychological principles and debate the various methods available to gather emotional data from audiences, taking away advice for agencies on translating insights into actionable strategies and recommendations that resonate with consumers on a deeper level.

Is disruption in healthcare marketing reaching a peak?

Incumbents in the space have been closely monitoring a raft of changes in healthcare marketing over the last few years: entry into the market from nimble startups and fresh divisions of major consumer agencies alike; AI integrations; work to address longstanding inequalities in healthcare treatment and outcomes; a rise in influencers; and more. In this episode, healthcare marketing experts from Jack Morton, Seven Stones and Bray Leino question if these forces are coming to a head. Which of these factors should brand marketers and CMOs be keeping a closer eye on? And as they do, what will the upshot be for consumers, agencies, and brands?

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Luxury retail in 2023: high-end marketing during the cost of living crisis

The luxury space has seen some perhaps surprising but lucrative moves over the last couple of years, from collabs with creators to integrations in gaming worlds and beyond. But during times of permacrisis and economic hardship, how does luxury hold out? Luxury marketing experts from The Goat Agency, VERB (Croud), and XYZ (160over90) share how marketers are engaging consumers amidst inflation, navigating impacts on wealth levels, experiential preferences of Gen Z and younger audiences, and changing trends. Discover the importance of authenticity across demographics and where further blending of strategies may lead luxury marketing in the future.

B2B influencer marketing: Who's leading the pack?

B2B marketing has shifted from boring to sexy in recent years, thanks (in no small part) to the rise of influencers. But what's shaping this space, and how can brand CMOs get it right? Dig into the driving factors and future directions of b2b influencer marketing with leaders in the field; Sofia Mogliazzi of VaynerMedia, Caspar Lee of Influencer, James Baldwin of Ogilvy UK and Stevie Johnson of Disrupt. Gain actionable insights on current trends and best practices in this evolving field, through topics like authenticity, building long-term influencer relationships, relevance across the sales funnel, and measuring real ROI from B2B influencer marketing.

Retail Media 101

Retail media has been a big topic of the last couple of years. But what is it, where do the opportunities lie for brands, and what’s coming next? Hear how Jellyfish, VMLY&R Commerce and Indicia Worldwide are helping brands succeed with retail media. Our expert panel discusses measurement across channels, driving awareness beyond transactions, and creating seamless omni-channel experiences. Walk away with tips for partnering with agencies, investing in tech and taking an integrated approach.

Global growth stories: What's the modern path to world domination?

Almost every brand wants to make a global impact, and with the world feeling smaller and better-connected than ever, it’s an achievable dream for some. In this episode, we gather expert global brand builders to pin down what good strategy and tactics look like, and what factors are continuing to change the global brand landscape.

The modern brand strategy heroes

Strategy experts Andrew O'Sullivan, Transmission, Dave Jones, true Digital, Gokce Ince, Zone and Jennifer Pyne, Radley Yeldar, share their most glowing examples of strategy excellence in the real world. We dig up practical advice for marketers on authentic brand building, differentiation, governance and collaboration, and the ingredients for successful brand strategy - all through insightful case studies of iconic brands like Barbie.

From Google to social: The evolution of search journeys

Search is changing: shifting away from the well-established go-to-Google-there's-your-answer, we’re seeing alternative search journeys emerging through social (including TikTok), voice, and generative AI like ChatGPT. Will any of these truly inherit Google’s crown, or even seriously threaten to? In this episode we hear from Dave Colgate, head of search engine optimization, Vertical Leap; John Campbell, head of innovation, ROAST; Sam Cant, head of search engine optimization, Jaywing; and Lottie Namakando, head of paid media and planning, iCrossing to dive to the bottom of the evolving search landscape.

Is marketing's approach to women shifting?

Still now, women in the marketing industry are all too often given cause to notice campaigns and messaging that they find misguided or damaging - not least in certain spaces that may have traditionally been behind the space, like sports and technology. In this episode, we hear from Charlie Li, strategy director, TRO; Debbie Gacutan-Jardim De Oliveira, social media and community manager, Brew Digital; and Emily Winterbourne, managing director at Impero, to explore if and how marketing's approach to women is shifting, and which gaps still need closing.

The experiential bounceback

Experiential marketing has had tumultuous few years: crash with Covid-19; rapid pivot to hybrid environments; and (not so long ago at all) a returned clamor for IRL experiences. Is this year, this summer, the time when all of this comes together for experiential's big moment?

Is Neurodiversity a hidden marketing superpower?

Our culture is waking up to the differences in people's minds - and the differences in the sorts of thinking they can do and work they can create. On this episode we speak to experts with an interest in neurodiversity alongside neurodivergent creatives (and other marketers) to figure out whether the industry is doing right by its different-thinking talent, and how to make the most of this rich diversity.

Hybrid realities: how real-world marketing blends with digital experiences

'Phygital reality' was thr buzzword du jour a couple of years back, replaced more recently by the wider catch-all 'hybrid'. Whatever you call these blended experiences (and perhaps you're already calling them something new), a marrying-up between the digital and physical worlds has become a goal for many. Here, we investigate not just total CX approaches that bring journeys through both worlds, but cutting-edge technical applications that merge the two; examples of work that shows the way forward; and thinking about what all this means for the marketing landscape.

What are the most exciting ways marketers are using data?

It's data month, and we're examining the biggest questions related to its use in marketing. What are the groundbreaking ways you or your colleagues have used data to segment, target, discover, or understand audiences? How is that impacting campaigns and other aspects of your business? And what are the next developments (close or far-off) that will expand your capabilities even further?

What role will traditional media still play as new platforms take over?

We hear a lot about marketing's new frontiers - social media; speculative excitements like the metaverse - but we can't forget the continuing power of traditional formats and platforms. On this episode we speak to experts in traditional channels - linear TV; radio; print; analog billboards; direct marketing - to hear how they see those channels developing.

Social Shopping 101

Senior reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by Carmen Muley, CEO, FREIM Studio and Debbie Ellison, chief digital officer, VMLY&R Commerce, to discuss: What is currently possible using live shopping tech? Who - both brands and platforms - have we seen make the most of what is possible to date? There has been speculation about why live shopping hasn't taken off in Europe and the US as it has in Asia. What is holding those territories back? What are the opportunities for agencies and content creators to become part of the live shopping experience? What predictions do you have for the next 5 years of live shopping?

Will web3 really bring a sea change for marketers and consumers?

In this episode, senior reporter, Chris Sutcliff discuss the below topics with the guests from the industry: What are the best examples of web3 tech being used by brands - and how does it intersect with how consumers and audiences are using web3? Where is there still headroom for development in web3? Are we still waiting for true utility with NFTs, interoperability of metaverse platforms etc.? Where should smart marketers place their chips for web3 - and does it vary between verticals and sectors? How optimistic are you that web3 will deliver on its promise in the next two, five, ten years?

Will the D2C brand revolution flourish or fizzle?

DTC brands, especially Chinese giants like Shein, have been big news for all sorts of reasons over the last couple of years: their remarkable growth, but also challenges around their sustainability and quality. Is this an evolution that will continue to evolve, one that more established brands will be able to incorporate in the long-run, or a flash in the pan?

Is the industry moving in the right direction around sustainability?

In this sustainability focused episode we hear some substantive examples of how marketing is changing or has changed the world, particularly in relation to the environment.

Martech 101: back to basics

In this latest entry in our semi-regular 101 series, we are bring together experts in martech to survey what's happening in this corner of the industry and how the uninitiated can enter the space without being daunted by the sheer size of martech stacks.

Amid recession and uncertainty, what will lead agencies through 2023?

The world seems to have been in constant crisis for the last few years, with pandemic, war, supply-chain issues, inflation and recession. This episode features agency senior leaders and will focus on the bigger picture of the most essential ingredients to stability and recovery for agencies.

Marketing to the silver economy

Most markets worldwide now have an ageing population, with spending power increasingly gathering with older people. Smart brands are recognizing the spending power of this group, and tailoring their products and comms accordingly.

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TikTok, Spotify and Shazam: what's changed in music marketing

In the latest episode of The Drum Network podcast, industry experts explore the evolving landscape of music marketing. Join Dare Balogun from M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment, Kristen Mitchell from Wasserman, Glenn Minerley from Momentum Worldwide and Sara Yazdani from Creativ Strategies as they discuss the impact of digital platforms, social media, and live performances on promoting artists, tracks and brands. Gain valuable insights into measuring success, navigating PR strategies, and the changing dynamics between artists, labels, and fans.

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