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E8. World Cup with TalkSport

The Drum's reporter Amy Houston chats to Russell Ramsey, Executive Creative Director at Pulse Creative London about its TalkSport World Cup campaign.

E7. Christmas trends with Kantar

The Drum's reporter Amy Houston chats to Kantar UK's head of creative excellence Lynne Deason about how they use data to help advertisers inform their Christmas campaigns.

E6. Reinventing radio with 72andSunny

The Drum’s reporter Amy Houston chats to 72andSunny's creative directors Jeff Lam and Tahirah Edwards Byfield about the brilliant campaign they made for Amazon’s live radio app Amp.

E5. Lovehoney, Essity and the issue with big tech

The Drum's creative reporter Amy Houston chats to Lovehoney’s head of sexual empowerment Johanna Rief and Essity's global innovation, brand and communications director Tanja Grubner about the issues that both companies face with big tech.

E3. The joys of later life sex

The Drum's creative reporter Amy Houston chats to Ogilvy UK's Jules Chalkley about the ad that got everyone talking about the joy of later life sex.

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E3. Pete Markey - How to successfully navigate a third-party negotiation

How do you negotiate with a talent agent? It's something Boots' Pete Markey knows like the back of his hand. With over 25 years of experience, Pete has secured some of the world’s most recognizable names, including Robert Webb, David Schwimmer and Morgan Freeman. Here he talks to host Mike Lander about how to successfully conduct third-party negotiations, the importance of surrounding yourself with an A team, and why communication is key.

E2. 'Exciting in a perverse way': how brand comms are changing for the recession

The world seems to have been in constant crisis for the last few years, with pandemic, war, supply-chain issues, inflation and recession. This episode features agency creatives investigating what role creativity and authenticity plays in helping brands to ensure stability and recovery amid recession and uncertainty. Most importantly, we're asking the question 'amid recession and uncertainty, will creativity and authenticity lead brands through 2023?'

E2. Dan Cullen-Shute – Why positive negotiations lead to positive outcomes

Is the mark of a good negotiation really that both parties walk away from the table slightly dissatisfied? White Crow’s and Creature of London's CEO & founder, Dan Cullen-Shute doesn’t think so. In this episode, Dan talks to host Mike Lander about the need to make negotiations a positive experience, the importance of setting ground-rules (and sticking to them), and why the marketing industry’s attitude towards procurement is self-defeating.

E1. Penry Price – How can negotiators secure a win-win outcome?

What is a negotiation? Is it a game of tactics, where two parties compete to come out on top? Not according to LinkedIn’s vice president of marketing, Penry Price. In this first episode, Penry talks to Mike about how to navigate a win-win negotiation with a collaborative mind-set, helping both buyers and sellers increase the value-exchange and strengthen their relationship.

E1. Marketing to the silver economy

Most markets worldwide now have an ageing population, with spending power increasingly gathering with older people. Smart brands are recognizing the spending power of this group, and tailoring their products and comms accordingly.

E27. What is the future of OOH - and where are the biggest opportunities?

For our out-of-home (OOH) deep dive, we're taking a look beyond the exciting developments of 2022 to where this exciting discipline is headed next. What can brands expect to see over the next couple of years - and where should they be investing their time and money to stay ahead of the curve?