Case Study - Bauer Knowledge


Bauer Media wanted to use its audience research into the millennials generation to engage media agencies.


Rather than run independent pieces of braded content, we worked collaboratively to develop The Drum’s first branded content hub. Designed and developed to fit in natively with the overall Drum site, the Bauer Knowledge hub had its own unique identity and style.

From January to April, we used the findings of the research as the basis of a range of articles examining how brands could engage with the millennial generation. By talking directly to the target audience, the content firmly associated Bauer Media, and its study, as the premier source of insight into this much vied for audience.

All content generated featured regularly in the print magazine, website and social media channels. In addition, bespoke email newsletters were created highlighting the content to targeted segments of The Drum database.


14,760 page views, 24.6% email open rate, Twitter reach of 6,721,578 users.