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Sonic branding simplified: Top 3 tips for brands to create super sonic experiences

By Michele Arnese, global CEO

amp sound branding


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June 7, 2023 | 8 min read

Sonic branding cues have a powerful impact, especially with younger generations. Here, Michele Arnese (global CEO, amp sound branding) says brands need to manage their sonic identity to stand out in today's digital landscape. Here’s how.

Sonic branding studio (headphones, amps, etc.)

Sonic branding leads to increased consumer engagement, memorability, and purchase intent - but only if its done right

Every brand has a sound. Not all brands have ownership over their sound. Sonic management has always been difficult to streamline given the growing number of digital channels, customer touchpoints, and markets brands need to consider in their marketing mix.

This is a major problem in the branding world. Management aside, sonic branding cues increase the likelihood of brand attention by 8.5x, according to IPSOS. Sonic branding cues are more effective than celebrity endorsements, logo design, slogans, and all other visual assets. This effectiveness compounds with younger generations; Spotify has reported that 75% of 18-24-year-olds say music helps them feel more connected to a brand. Harnessing the power of sonic branding has never been more crucial in the modern marketing world.

Combined, the tips below and the world’s first tool ecosystem for branded sonic experiences, Sonic Hub®, will provide brands the foundation to execute flexible sonic experiences across markets and at scale.

1. Research and compare your sound to industry sonic standards

Differentiation is key when building out branded sound. Brands should familiarize themselves with sector-wide sonic standards prior to launching an effective sonic identity.

Stand out from the crowd with amp sound branding’s Sonic Radar® tool, the first component of the newly launched Sonic Hub Tool Ecosystem. Sonic Radar allows brands to complete comprehensive research on key competitors’ sonic impact and tonality as well as track sonic strategy, sonic industry benchmarks, sonic logo usage, sonic mood preferences, and more.

Any competitor-based sonic gaps can inform potential strategic changes in brand sound usage across digital channels. After the launch of a brand’s sonic identity, Sonic Radar can also help track the results of this new sonic strategy across all digital channels. Sonic Radar is a powerful instrument designed for brands to maintain stewardship over their sound, with or without an ownable sonic identity.

2. Test and plan your brand’s sonic impact prior to global implementation

Brand fit is not reserved for the visual branding world; sonic assets must align with brand identity, values, and overall attributes. This brand sonic fit must be achieved prior to implementation across markets to avoid wasted marketing investment.

Synced sonic assets will contribute to increased consumer engagement, memorability, and purchase intent. According to a study from Audacy, consistent sonic branding boosts both purchase intent and ad recall in radio and podcast ads for brands. The same study also reveals that radio ads with sonic branding are perceived as +7% more trustworthy, +6% more likable, and +5% more empowering.

Outperform the competition with amp sound branding’s Sonic Check® tool, the second component of the Sonic Hub Tool Ecosystem. Sonic Check provides the audio testing solution to marketing guesswork, building brand sonic profiles to test target audience engagement and emotional connection to brand sounds before sonic asset implementation. Real-time AI-driven rapid testing connects with consolidated data to measure and value brand sentiment against a defined brand sonic profile, recommending viable brand sound options and confirming optimal sonic layouts for brands. Ensure sonic success with pre-launch confirmation in all sound-based decisions with Sonic Check.

3. Manage and expand your sound with the help of generative AI and secure sonic repositories

Accessing the world of generative AI is a perfect way for brands to create new sonic assets while adhering to their solidified sonic brand identity. These AI-created assets allow brands to save money while reaping tangible benefits in public perception.

Research conducted by SoundOut found that brands with recognizable sonic identities can see an average 5% increase in their perceived value and a similar increase among consumers for purchase intent. With the help of generative AI, brands can ensure their sonic output contains their specific branded mnemonics.

The most important factor in achieving success when it comes to sonic branding is consistency. An example of this can be seen in TikTok, whose sonic logo appears at the end of all videos exported from the platform circa October 2022. This consistent implementation led to 70% recognition and 47% brand attribution with Gen-Z (SoundOut).

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Consistent AI-created assets are scalable for brands due to their infinite nature. With expanded sonic assets comes the need for brand sound repositories to pair with sonic guidelines for global market synergy.

Streamline and standardize your asset creation and implementation process with amp sound branding’s Sonic Space® tool, the final component of the Sonic Hub Tool Ecosystem. Sonic Space is a secure customizable cloud-based sonic asset repository and generative AI engine created to support brands, agencies, and creative teams in their sonic journey, managing all sonic assets and guidelines. Scalable audio production is one click away with the embedded generative AI tool. This tool supports video makers with the rapid development of infinite pre-mastered branded track variants, which can be automatically adjusted to video content.

Text-to-speech capabilities bolstering over 600 AI voices in 60 languages also facilitate the production of audio-visual content through a series of automatic adjustments. Expedite brand equity building sonic asset production and implement with confidence and at scale across markets with Sonic Space.

With these tips and tools brands can improve, own, and implement their sound with guaranteed effectiveness and optimal efficiency. Contact amp sound branding and the Sonic Hub Tool Ecosystem team to schedule a demo and start your journey to Super Sonic today.

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