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Brand Identity Brand Strategy Guide

Brand coding: the secret to a long-lasting impact

By Charli Edwards, Creative Director

Cavendish Consulting


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May 23, 2023 | 7 min read

There’s more to your brand identity than a logo and color palette. Cavendish Consulting’s Charli Edwards explores how to make your brand memorable with brand coding.

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Customers are more likely to buy into your brand if it’s consistent / Kanhaiya Sharma

It sounds like a broken record, but maintaining consistent branding across all channels can boost revenue by up to 23%. Today, we’re going to talk about brand coding.

In this digital era, where attention spans are shorter than ever and consumers are bombarded with an avalanche of brands, mastering the art of brand coding is what sets true brand aficionados apart from the rest – with the power to captivate, engage and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of your target audience.

Brand coding in particular is an inventive way to break up the monotony of predictable marketing initiatives by infusing your message into visual elements that are both meaningful and memorable. But that doesn’t mean it’s just about looks.

Brand coding only works when done strategically, consistently, and effectively. It’s a secret language brands use to speak directly to their target audience; subtle cues and messages that can make a brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. And, let’s face it, with so many brands vying for attention, a little decoding can go a long way.

Why do I need brand coding?

In today’s dynamic (but challenging) business landscape, strategically designing your brand’s identity alongside a unique narrative can differentiate you from competitors and establish a strong connection with your target audience. Sounds simple, right? Get a nice logo, catchy tagline and job done? Far from it.

As branding expert Marty Neumeier puts it, a brand is, “the promise, the big idea, the expectations that reside in each customer’s mind about a product, service, or company”. It’s the art of creating a unique and consistent identity that resonates with customers – from the logo and color palette to the tone of voice and messaging.

But creating a memorable brand identity doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and repetition. It takes five to seven impressions to remember a brand, but once it sticks, it becomes a decisive competitive advantage.

Make your brand unforgettable

Brand coding involves creating a unique and consistent identity. Imagine your brand as a person, its personality, values and reason for being; your brand code is the wardrobe in which you dress your brand.

In today’s digital age, customers expect more immersive brand experiences and are willing to pay a premium for them. By consistently delivering a high-quality brand experience, companies can establish a reputation for reliability and dependability, leading to increased customer loyalty and advocacy and a positive impact on the bottom line. With that said, here are some key considerations.


Thorough research on the market, competition and consumer preferences can help inform the development of a brand’s visual and messaging elements, as well as its positioning and overall strategy. This research is crucial to creating a compelling brand identity that resonates with the target audience.


Brands that can evolve and adapt while still maintaining a core identity can stay relevant and competitive over time. While consistency is essential for building a solid brand identity, it is also crucial to be adaptable and responsive to changing market trends and consumer preferences.

Employee buy-in

To ensure that a brand’s identity is communicated consistently across all touchpoints, it is essential to have buy-in from all employees and stakeholders. Clear communication of the brand’s values, messaging, visual elements, and ongoing training and reinforcement can help achieve this.

Metrics for success

To measure the effectiveness of brand coding efforts, it is essential to establish metrics for success, such as brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenue growth. Regular tracking and analysis of these metrics can help refine and improve the brand identity.

Ethical considerations

Brands prioritizing honesty, transparency, and social responsibility in their messaging and actions can build stronger customer relationships and foster long-term loyalty. Building customer trust and credibility is essential, and ethical considerations should be a key component of brand coding efforts.

Brand coding empowers businesses to engrain an unforgettable narrative into all their communication, keeping them in customers’ hearts, minds, and conversations for longer.

A strong brand coding strategy also allows for more efficient decision-making processes as your teams will better understand how decisions will be perceived outside of the organization.

Brand Identity Brand Strategy Guide

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