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The best ads are 15 seconds long: how to supercharge your paid ads with video

By Jane Seymour, Head of design



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May 5, 2023 | 6 min read

Paid social not yielding the results you'd like? The obvious solution might be video-based creative (in small doses), according to Jane Seymour and Claire Stanley-Manock of Connective3.

Person holding video camera against blue background

With social platforms favoring video creative over static images, brands should consider it too / Thomas Wlliam

With users spending more and more time on social platforms and the cost of media ever increasing, the demand for thumb-stopping creative is more important than ever.

Ad creatives are responsible for over half of a campaign’s performance and are needed to grab and maintain the attention of your audiences, encouraging them to be remembered among the noise, to in turn, react in the intended way.

Video ads are continuing to prove their precedence over static versions, therefore now more than ever, hardworking video ad creatives are needed.

Meta is prioritizing video creative above static images and carousels, and as such cheaper CPMs can be achieved through switching to a video based ad format. Not only is the media cheaper, but it yields much better performance too, with average CPAs reducing by up to 35%.

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Although we use the phrase ‘video ad’, we don’t mean this in the traditional sense of moving picture. It can be the simplest form of motion. It’s all about understanding how to utilize what you’ve already got. By using the basics of motion design, you can turn your static brand assets and images into dynamic video ads.

When using existing assets, for example, product photography, it’s worth looking out for ways in which you can add moving elements. Look out for features you can highlight or make the focus. Find space on which you can place your messaging. Do you have brand graphics or icons you could incorporate? And how can you round it all off with a clear CTA?

Here are some top tips to start thinking a little differently about transforming your existing assets into refreshed new video concepts:


What ads are standing out to you? Keep a bank of ads you think are working well to help get you inspired. Analyze what they do well and what they could do better. Are there any trends you can tap into or use as a starting point to build from?

Create brand continuity

Use certain elements of your brand in the same way throughout your ad campaigns. This in turn will create a synergy that is recognizable.

Logo presence

Ideally, it needs to be in view within a max of three seconds. Or even better, have it present at all times. What’s the point in creating a great ad if people don’t know it’s you?

Best quality assets

Choose the ones that show your product or offering in the most clear and relevant way. Also consider how you can use them with animated overlays.

Scrub up on your motion skills

Although you don’t need to be a pro to make great ads. Simple and sleek effects and transitions will instantly make your ads look professional and polished.

Always consider hierarchy

Work out which messages are most important and make those the center of attention.

Less is more, in more ways than one

Keep your text to a minimum. You have a short space of time so use it wisely and don’t overpower with lots of text that is hard to digest. Keep your ads short and snappy. Aim for a maximum of 15-20 seconds. Attention spans on social are short, so make them as impactful as possible.

Your closing CTA needs to evoke an action, so really think about what that is and how you want your audiences to react.

By implementing video creative using these steps you will see a visible impact on results, but to take this to the next level, talk to your paid team to understand the objections and motivations for the product or service and tackle these head-on in the messaging.

Once the ads have been live for a while make sure you’re getting feedback on how they perform against the different audiences and campaign objectives to help supercharge future assets further.

Brand Strategy Video Marketing

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