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Forget the big numbers, Indian consumers want to be treated as individuals

By Duncan Egan | vice president digital experience marketing, APAC & Japan

March 2, 2023 | 6 min read

Claiming to know the consumer is no longer enough, argues Duncan Egan, Adobe’s vice-president of digital experience marketing for APAC and Japan, marketers need to get personal.

Time for marketers to get personal

Time for marketers to get personal, beyond just the name

The expansion of digital over the past few years has changed the way we live. From work to our social interactions and spending habits, we have changed, and there is no going back. Through this digital revolution, a new consumer came to the fore.

This consumer won’t be categorized by broad demographics or traditional generational lines. They feel closer to people of any age that share their passions and interests and expect brands to understand virtually every aspect of their life. ​They are the generation who want to be seen and treated as individuals.

Findings from a recent Adobe research study reveal that it’s no longer enough to say you know your consumers. This new consumer wants brands to show up every time, consistently and in the moment.

So, what should marketers do? How can they create scaled personalization with the wide range of consumer expectations they are challenged to meet? Here are some insights to consider:

Don’t assume generational markers

The stereotypical generational assumptions we have based strategy and campaigns on for years are not how today’s consumers want to be reached. 80% of Indian consumers want to be seen and treated as individuals with unique interests and preferences.

With Gen Z’s taking on the latest Tik Tok Challenge to Baby Boomers’ work ethic, marketers need to do their homework to recognize their unique audiences and create personalized brand experiences based on consumers' specific expectations.

The rapid digital transformation of the past two years has helped HDFC Life to innovate on various parameters: how it is sourced and used data, dramatically improving their customer experiences. With digital adoption sitting at close to 100%, the team were able to recognize the range of customer expectations and adapted to target individuals as segments of one vs. their traditional generational stereotypes.

Brands must prove to their consumers that they understand them as individuals and can always anticipate and act upon what is next.

Commit to the right tools early-on

Investing in customer data platform technologies is critical to understanding and exceeding the consumer's expectations. Over two-thirds of consumers (75%) now expect personalized experiences from brands holding their data.

Consumers want technology-driven personalization and will reward organizations that get it right. Data platforms allow organizations to create a complete view of every consumer while respecting privacy and delivering real-time personalized experiences at scale. They also ensure future-ready compliance with data privacy and policies, giving marketers confidence and more time to focus on the consumer journey and driving innovation.

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Instil a test and learn culture

Once the strategy is set, and the tools are in place, the next step is to learn from the insights. Test what’s working and not, ensuring that experiments happen along the way. As customer preferences and expectations evolve, building an appetite for experimentation will ensure the response has the customer in mind.

2023 represents an immense opportunity for Indian marketers to take digital experiences to the next level. Showing up as a brand that leads with empathy and understands its consumers is the first step in driving unparalleled growth and brand advocacy.

Duncan Egan is vice president, digital experience marketing for Adobe, APAC & Japan.

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