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Marketing Diversity & Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion

How brands can champion diversity through the influencers they work with

By Alessandro Bogliari | Co-founder and chief executive officer

The Influencer Marketing Factory


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February 10, 2023 | 6 min read

Alessandro Bogliari of The Influencer Marketing Factory reminds brands that they’re only as representative as the influencers they work with.

Black male model

Embodying diversity helps brands to break down barriers to success for minority groups / Diego Sanchez via Unsplash

It's important for brands to reflect the diversity of their target audience in the influencers they work with; it builds trust and credibility with consumers when they can see themselves represented in the influencers promoting the brand.

A diverse influencer base can bring unique insights, lived experiences and perspectives to a brand, bringing innovation and new opportunities. They may know what will work best for specific market segments in terms of campaign types, buyer behaviors, and more.

Now, more than ever, the world is watching – and brands need to do better when it comes to diversity and inclusion (D&I). By working with a diverse pool of influencers, brands can show their dedication to D&I. This will be essential to business in 2023 and beyond.

First impressions count: how to diversify your influencer base

When a brand consistently works with the same or very similar influencers, it doesn't foster a sense of community, nor does it foster inclusion. In 2023, consumers will increasingly seek out influencers who mirror themselves and their values. So, what can business owners do to diversify their influencer base?

It starts with you as a brand. It should be part of your overall business plan. This can be achieved by reaching out to influencers who reflect the demographic of your target audience – who might also represent minority groups (influencer marketing agencies can also assist you with this).

However, brands should be mindful of their own biases when working with influencers, or when collaborating with anyone in general. This includes unconscious biases about what types of influencers are ‘marketable’ or ‘relatable’, as well as biases about certain groups or demographics.

By acknowledging these biases and actively working to overcome them, brands can foster a more diverse and inclusive influencer marketing strategy.

The bigger picture

Brands should leverage the power of working with more diverse influencers to not only reach a wider audience but be part of the solution to improving D&I efforts. It is crucial, not only from a moral or ethical standpoint but also for the success of a business – and collaborating with a diverse pool of influencers can aid this.

Working with a variety of influencers can even mitigate the risks of cultural misappropriation or insensitivity. By working with those who possess in-depth comprehension, personal ties and true passion for a particular culture or demographic, brands can create advertising campaigns that accurately embody the values of that community.

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Working toward increased diversity and inclusiveness by brands also leads to a fairer industry. By building connections with underrepresented voices and offering opportunities to diverse influencers, brands play a role in removing barriers to success for marginalized groups in the industry.

To accomplish this, brands must collaborate with influencers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This not only expands the reach of various campaigns to a wider audience but also allows consumers to see themselves reflected in the products and brands they love through influencers who they feel represent them.

Effective representation through authenticity can increase a brand’s reputation and solidify its status as a leading brand when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Marketing Diversity & Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion

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