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Exhibiting the unimaginable: where will 3D billboards take us next?

By Pavel Popov | Chief executive officer



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December 16, 2022 | 5 min read

A good deal of the headline-grabbing outdoor activations this year have been 3D billboards. But where’s the medium heading next? For our out-of-home Deep Dive, Pavel Popov of multimedia experience studio Hypnogram investigates.

The One Plus Ovaltine 3D billboard

3D billboards are evolving quickly, but where to next? / Credit: Hypnogram

Storytelling and the experiential multimedia ecosystem are entering a new golden age.

Art and life in cities are closely connected. Street art murals are changing how modern cities make their new landmarks. Now with technological advances, new media art can give cities even more amazing experiences through festivals and artwork commissions.

The recent Resident Evil midnight moment in Times Square and our One Plus Ovaltine billboards are dynamic examples of how innovative LED displays working together provide a one-of-a-kind experience for artists and viewers.

We’re on a mission to translate ideas into unimagined live moments that span the physical and digital world by translating ideas and messages into unimagined experiential multi-sensory moments. In the modern world through motion design, tech/art installations, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, across public and private spaces, including live shows and product launches, conferences and B2B events, festivals, public spaces, performance arts, hospitality, and the metaverse.

New dimensions for 3D

Humans are inherently thrilled by larger-than-life motion displayed through new technologically-driven storytelling, especially against dynamic city backgrounds like New York City, London, Beijing, Vancouver and so many more.

People have a deeper connection to 3D billboards. Big brands are diving into the space, commissioning creative teams to push the boundaries on what is possible. These billboards will engage more human senses and continue to go viral, showing us the power of creative innovation as a continuously evolving frontier of storytelling.

As the future of OOH unfolds, for example with ‘projection mapping’, there will be more and more interactive experiences across the globe. In these new experiences, people can participate in the content flow in public spaces, connecting back to their own digital devices. We can expect to see more corner LED screens with 3D, Avatar, and look-a-like content. Sizes will increase, and we’ll see different shapes and combinations of screens.

We’ve already seen integrated campaigns where anamorphic 3D billboards and NFT are integrating to provide new touchpoints of connection and entertainment, offering fans engaging opportunities and offering brands community-building opportunities across the world.

In terms of design engineering, some popular effects are growing in popularity. One phenomenon is ‘masking content’ as if it was part of a digital billboard’s actual surroundings. Another is extra framing of the 3D space inside the screen, so that the 3D object or character can float out of that frame, producing an immediate and otherworldly wow-inducing effect.

There are no limits for creative minds, especially when digital pixels come together to create magic and new stories to be shared globally. The future is bright when we think about what’s missing in the space now: integrated sound and perhaps even physical items coming out of a 3D billboard for audiences on the ground – fog, bubbles, products!

The unimaginable is only what has yet to be imagined.

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Media Out-of-home Outdoor Advertising

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