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Spilling the tea: how my first job out of uni is going at Tug

By Priya Johal | Client Services Account Executive

Tug Agency


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November 22, 2022 | 7 min read

After navigating the trenches of graduate life in a pandemic, Priya Johal at digital performance agency Tug reveals what it’s like on the other side.

Priya with 'the tea'

Priya Johal feels that Tug has the work-life balance down to a T / Image courtesy of Tug

What are the thrills of being a part of gen Z? There aren’t too many when faced with a global climate crisis and the likely prospect we will never be homeowners.

I graduated university amid a global pandemic and growing uncertainty about the world of work. When I started searching for jobs, my experience was entirely remote, with online applications and virtual interviews. Although it was nice to be in the comfort of my own home, it was hard for me to picture working with people I had never met, in an environment I had never encountered. As a result, I struggled to find the right fit, leading to frustration and questioning whether a career in marketing was what I wanted to pursue.

After a few months, I was finally invited to an in-person interview day at Tug Agency in London. It was refreshing to be around other recent graduates, share experiences of our job search and meet colleagues (unbeknownst to me at the time) that I would work closely with for the next year.

My first few weeks and introduction to the industry were mostly remote. Navigating a move down to London while learning the ropes of my new role led to a rather stressful time. Learning how to interact and communicate with clients alongside virtually getting to know my colleagues felt slightly disjointed, and I found it hard to see the bigger picture I was working toward.

Tug, you definitely passed the vibe check

The new year brought new changes: the office was busier, and I could finally meet the colleagues I’d been speaking to for months in person. Watching how others on my team interacted with clients – just by sitting next to them in the office – helped me develop so much quicker. Office perks including drinks on a Thursday and a long-awaited work Christmas party (in April) felt like the missing pieces I’d been looking for since I graduated.

It’s now been a year since I started at Tug, and it feels natural for me to compare how far I personally (and the world we live in) have evolved. We have recently introduced a ‘core day’ in the agency – everyone comes in on a Wednesday. This has been a great way to get everyone in one place, and it also means that some meetings can take place on the sofas rather than jumping on different meeting links all afternoon.

It feels great to work in the same environment with colleagues who have the same attitude and goals: work hard and be nice to people. Drinks on Thursday, in-person client meetings and lunch with colleagues are all part of normal life now – which a year ago I could not possibly have imagined. The thought would have, in all honesty, really stressed me out.

Working three days a week in the office consistently has given me a balanced routine and has allowed me to grow in confidence by speaking to clients in person. Not to mention I’m able to work more effectively (I love my dual screens in the office).

However, I really value my work-at-home days. After all, I get more of a lie-in and don’t have to worry about a busy commute. Perhaps I’m biased in saying that hybrid work is the best way, having never experienced the opposite, but for me it has made me value my time in the office more and allowed me to look forward to my days at home.

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The glow-up of the workforce

We have all been through a lot in the last three years, and the world has undoubtedly changed. We have grown and re-established our priorities in life and challenged ourselves to work more efficiently to ensure we make time for our personal lives while continuing to push ourselves professionally.

Five days in the office may not have been my experience, but I haven’t met a person who would want to go back to this. Being able to take control of your work-life balance is a true privilege; long may working in pajamas on a Monday and office drinks on a Thursday continue.

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