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TikTok Video Data & Privacy

6 digital trends every agency should follow

By Tom Welbourne, Founder/director

The Good Marketer


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July 13, 2022 | 6 min read

The future of marketing is always changing; unexpected digital trends and new platforms have risen from the ground up this year so far. 2022 is due to set the foundations for the future of marketing as we’ve never seen it before. Tom Welbourne, founder and director from The Good Marketer, explores how marketers can get ready for what lies ahead.

The Good Marketer on evolution of digital and which trends to follow. Image credit: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

The Good Marketer on the evolution of digital and what trends to follow / Solen Feyissa via Unsplash

It’s a job for digital marketing agencies in London to stay on top of all relevant trends, old and new, as well as those predicted for the future. We’ve already seen so much from this year already...

Entering 2022, we have all been witness to the rise of TikTok as it has taken the lead in scrolling patterns among those who use smartphones, mainly gen Z. The conversation of the future of finance erupted, with the popularity of NFTs and cryptocurrencies continuing to rise. Facebook has even changed its name to Meta to reflect the company’s ambition to embrace the metaverse as a new 3D virtual world. As well as this, Google has announced that it will now phase out third-party cookies by 2023, which means digital marketers and advertisers have less than a year to channel a way to reach their target customers without using third-party cookies.

Reflecting on the above, we are due to see a shift in the way that we communicate with our audience as new developments in the digital world continue to thrive. Here are a few key digital trends that digital marketing agencies should know about.

1. Privacy, transparency and building trust

Our consumers are getting more and more suspicious of the content that they are being targeted with, as digital advertising is in literal overload, and we should consider preparing for tighter privacy restrictions that will cause a shift in the way we track users’ behavior.

We should begin to (if not already) communicate with our customers on what data we are collecting and what we are using it for, and practice being open and transparent about these reasons so agencies can grow with these future plans.

2. Using short DIY videos

Video is a must for marketing in 2022, as Tiktok currently has over 1 billion monthly active users. And with Reels now making up just over 20% of the time users spend on Instagram, you’re going to want to get your client’s brand out there with short DIY videos. These cost next to nothing, as most smartphones have a decent camera that can capture good quality video content. You should be marketing your product or service using these platforms, as we have become comfortable with consuming content at a fast-paced rate.

3. Working with first-party data and using cookie-less marketing

Collecting information directly from your customers is called first-party data. This data will be completely owned by you and, if used correctly, it will help with targeted marketing and delivering personalized data.

Focusing on creating a smart data activation strategy will carry your agency into the future of cookie-less marketing and using first-party data instead. You’re going to want to get clued up on customer data platform (CDP) software so you can continue to combine data streams from multiple sources.

4. TikTok marketing

TikTok is taking over as one of the most popular ways to advertise as it is cheaper than Facebook and Instagram, if only slightly, and it successfully blends ads in with native content. This is something that we want from our ads, as we all know how soon you can get turned off by a post when you feel it is just trying to sell you something. However, TikTok ads, to put it quite simply, are effortless and fit in seamlessly with the rest of the timeline.

5. Tell real stories

This is a trend that is a constant within digital marketing – storytelling. Presenting real stories that relate back to the product or service you are selling is key for brand marketing. Work with real-life people to produce reviews and experiences that can be relayed to your audience. Build on your brand awareness, as well as creating trust and credibility between your company and your consumers.

6. Personalization

Catering to your audience more specifically with personalized messaging and content will generate a rise in customer loyalty. Taking the time to create adverts that your customers will receive at the right time and place will help massively with engagement, while also building a foundation of trust between the two. Understanding your customers and targeting them in a more personalized way will make them feel seen and heard, ultimately leading to this foundation of trust between brand and consumer.


These digital trends are just the beginning of what every digital marketing agency should know and implement. Staying on top of current and future trends will excel businesses into the future with ease. You don’t want to be the company that falls short, so stay open-minded to all the possibilities that could be had with new technology and platforms. The key to success is to not be afraid to change with the times and develop your strategies where possible.

TikTok Video Data & Privacy

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