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4 jaw-dropping recruitment campaigns for attracting future employees

By Krzysztof Klimek, Creative director

Admind Branding & Communications


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June 30, 2022 | 8 min read

In the post-pandemic world, many industries have switched to remote working mode. This means the job market has become more global. Admind’s creative director Krzysztof Klimek looks at the recruitment challenges that this presents and how marketers can work around them.

Admind on the new recruitment challenges to face. Image credit: Dylan Gillis via Unsplash.Admind on the new recruitment challenges to face. Image credit: Dylan Gillis via Unsplash.

Admind on the new recruitment challenges faced, and how to overcome them / Dylan Gillis via Unsplash / Image courtesy of Admind

Candidates do not have to look for a job only in the city or country they live in. As a result, finding the best talents and encouraging them to work for your company has become a challenging task. Companies are responding to this with large-scale recruitment campaigns. Let’s take a look at four where their creativity cannot be denied.

Google campaign: how to find problem-solvers

Sometimes recruitment campaigns are all about finding the right candidates. In 2004, Google was looking for people with one particular trait – it was looking for problem-solvers. And how can you find a problem-solver? With a problem to solve, obviously. That’s why it decided to put a mysterious billboard in Silicon Valley:


People who managed to solve that puzzle were prospective Google employees. As it happens, the billboard warmed up mathematical and engineering forums, and that publicity gave Google relatively cheap access to the problem-solvers it was looking for.

Burger King campaign: we’re looking for pyromaniacs

In 2018, Burger King conducted a recruitment campaign in Germany with a clear message: “Love fire? Contact us.” This way, it established its image as an edgy employer that has been “flame grilling since 1954.” It was a great way to stand out from the competition and show a fast-food chain from a whole new perspective. Sometimes, employer branding is about boldness and creativity.


Verizon UK: health and wellbeing in the workplace

Verizon’s UK HR team, along with Gloo employer branding agency, created a campaign that aimed to raise awareness of the activities and services available to employees that help support their health and wellbeing in the workplace. One of the slogans it used was, “we are a part of something bigger.”


Admind campaign: #360daysofrecruitment

At Admind, we’ve had an ongoing recruitment process for over six years now. We look for the best designers and branding experts on the market. To attract them, we needed to create something these artists have not seen before, and thus create the ‘wow’ effect.

Our inspiration for this project was a specific challenge on Instagram called ‘36 days of type.’ Designers participating in this project must design letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 in 36 days. This challenge has over 360,000 followers on Instagram, and some of the best designers in the world participate in this project. That was right up our street.

We came up with the idea of the campaign called ‘360 days of recruitment’ (in reference to our all-year-round recruitment process).

We contacted the most interesting artists participating in ‘36 days of type’ and invited them to cooperate. The artists who agreed to work with us became our influencers and our main touchpoints. We asked them to prepare illustrations of the letters that begin the names of the positions we were recruiting for at Admind:

B for Brand Designer

C for Client Partner

G for Graphic Designer

M for Motion Designer

P for Project Manager

S for Senior Graphic Designer

More importantly, these letters had to contain elements that were related to the given position. Our design experts had to post their works on Instagram while using the hashtag #360daysofrecruitment to encourage their followers to apply for a position at Admind.

Here are some of the artists we have worked with so far:

  • David Oku

  • Jan Kallwejt

  • Yeye Weller

  • Ana Duje

  • Artur Tenczynski

  • Kamil Kowalczyk

This was the first stage of the campaign. The next one will feature more creators and new letters for new positions.

In addition, we are about to conduct an out-of-home (OOH) campaign in two large Polish cities – Cracow and Warsaw. Moreover, we are preparing a competition for students. The challenge will be to design the letter J (as in Junior Graphic Designer). Participants will have the opportunity to win money... and a position at our agency.

Talent Employer Brand Recruitment

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