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Why 2022 is the year for brands to utilize the power of minority ethnic influencers

By Simone Morris | Account support executive



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June 24, 2022 | 7 min read

Diversity in marketing is an important component to consider. With millennials and gen Z becoming the face of the workforce, it is imperative that we build campaigns to target them. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Simone Morris, account support executive at GottaBe Marketing, suggests some ways to reach this target group.

GottaBe! on how to attract more diverse audiences.

GottaBe Marketing on how to attract more diverse audiences through influencer marketing

These generations are breaking the mold of what marketing has been in the previous 50 years or so. Millennials and gen Z want to see campaigns that reflect their values, beliefs and looks. Within this post we will discuss where to start to make a change, identifying the right minority ethnic influencer, why it’s beneficial to use minority ethnic influencers, and how to make a limited budget stretch to reach more demographics.

So... how to start

The conversation around inclusion and diversity should start at the beginning of your campaign planning. This is the stage where you can determine how to diversify your campaign so that it reaches everyone. Inclusion is a necessity and that means having materials in different languages, recognizing holidays that are not normally celebrated by your brand and working with influencers of various backgrounds who can share their experience with the brand.

As mentioned in Multicultural marketing strategies — What you need to know about DEI, this means making sure that your materials are available to all, including those with disabilities or translating materials to other languages. The concept of equity in marketing meets these needs. It recognizes differences and makes the right adjustments rather than making everything equal. Different cultures have different needs and minority ethnic influencers can help you target and fill those gaps.

Kate Edwards, chief operating officer of influencer marketplace Heartbeat, explained the position marketers are faced with in Diversity In Influencer Marketing: Why Representation Matters: “We are on the front lines showing brands the value of working with diverse, everyday people who are actually the brand’s consumers. Millennials and gen Z are actively looking for brands to represent people who look like them and share their values, and this is a major shift in how ‘influence’ is perceived.”

Brands that are not adopting DEI will be left behind. But change must start with the brands. Agencies have power, but cannot implement big changes if brands are not on board and have the correct budget minority ethnic communities deserve. Diversify your campaigns across the board to ensure the budget is evenly spread on representing minority ethnic audiences.

How to identify the right minority ethnic influencer

By using influencers, you are building a direct relationship with the consumers. The influencer is someone they trust, and using this relationship is growing the brand’s visibility and loyalty. They give more personalized recommendations, like an extended friend rather than sales. They must be true to themselves, and to reach their followers your brand must respect their boundaries.

It is important to do your research and have a firm understanding of who your audience is. Extend this to ensure people from different backgrounds are involved in this conversation. Once you have that knowledge you can build campaigns around them and see where you could bring in consumers from other backgrounds. Likewise, you should do your research on the influencers, as is mentioned in How to Find and Engage with Minority Influencers on Social Media: “Successful influencer marketing requires you to find influencers with audiences to whom they relate and come across authentically. If they can manage that, then they will be much better at passing on your message.” Don’t make it a one-off – be consistent in this approach.

How to make your budget stretch further into more demographics?

How do you diversify your ads while keeping the spending to a minimum? This is where you can capitalize on putting some of that spending to influencers and researching to find the ones that fit your goals. Stop making minority ethnic marketing a last-minute decision. Brands spend all their budget, and it is the minority ethnic channels such as minority ethnic influencers’ media outlets that have to pick up or lower their prices to work with brands that are paying white equivalents triple for the equivalent.

However, you can also reach out to your consumers and employees to create a grassroots marketing campaign. This is a proactive method of marketing as you are asking the consumers and employees to get involved.

Having the customer involved by sharing their content means you are empowering them to help you create a diverse campaign and allowing them to see themselves in your brand through engagement. This shows that your brand is listening to the customers, trying to become a diverse brand and – most importantly – it is creating a community around itself.

As an agency and influencer marketplace, we need to initiate this change and ensure that we are providing a diverse reach of influencers. Working with influencers of different backgrounds ensures that we are showing a realistic approach to our campaigns and including all in these events, not just one subset of humanity.

GottaBe Marketing is an experienced agency and has worked with all levels of influencers. We strive to make sure that the campaign is inclusive for all and find ways to reach niche demographics who may not be your main target audience. Reaching this group will provide you with an increased multicultural audience.

Modern Marketing Diversity and Inclusion Influencer Marketing

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