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The rise of non-endemic marketing: creativity is connecting brands with new audiences

By Sam Piper, Group Creative Lead



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June 24, 2022 | 5 min read

People aren’t just one thing: we each have a multitude of interests – each of which corresponds to a facet that marketers can appeal to, to convince us to buy stuff. But are advertisers doing enough to approach people in their full multiplicity? For The Drum’s Creativity in Focus Deep Dive, Sam Piper, group creative lead at Kairos Group, looks at the evolution toward a more holistic marketing environment.

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Kairos Group on the rising non-endemic advertising opportunity / Andrew Moca via Unsplash

The world of marketing is constantly innovating, offering endless opportunities for brands across industries. But more opportunities mean more noise. Brands have to get creative if they want to stay relevant and stand out in the crowd.

As marketers take advantage of new tools and platforms, it’s prompted brands to push further. We aren’t content with playing in our own space anymore. Why should we be? More channels and options equals more opportunities to reach more customers on a wider scale, with the added bonus of being able to get creative and explore new and exciting experiences.

Sure, we’ll always market to our core demographic, because that makes the most business sense. But that doesn’t necessarily mean our audience is all in one place.

Marketing to real people

Brands are becoming more aware of consumers’ multiple interests, behaviors and values and it’s prompting them to explore advertising in other industries.

Someone who loves high-end fashion may switch off from a hard day’s work by playing FIFA; someone who loves technology might be very passionate about their skincare routine. Consumers are human beings with a range of personalities, so why aren’t we looking to reach them beyond core industry platforms?

Our new awareness of consumer behavior has prompted a rise in non-endemic marketing, where brands won’t only target markets directly relating to their products or services, but look at new routes to tap into. This type of marketing is particularly prominent in advertising activities such as sponsorship - we’ve all seen an advertisement at a football match that’s got nothing to do with sport, or played a mobile game and been served advertising for new clothes. This is where non-endemic marketing comes into its own, targeting audiences as individuals and offering products through channels that cater to similar demographics.

Sticking out (in the right way)

Aside from knowing your target audience demographic inside-out, a key element of connecting non-endemic brands with new audiences is creativity. Even if you’re speaking to an audience demographic that you’ve been communicating with for years, you’re stepping into a different territory. You’re going to need to get creative to ensure you don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

One industry that has seen its fair share of non-endemic brands vying for attention is gaming. With a market value of $198bn in 2021, everyone wants a slice of the audience’s attention. From Adidas and Puma entering the space with fashion aimed at gamers, to KFC announcing the launch of a games console that also heats chicken, brands are noticing that gamers are consumers in their own right. They don’t just play games; they wear clothes and eat food. But it isn’t just as simple as putting an ad out and hoping for the best.

Creativity in practice

As brands become more aware of consumers, consumers become more aware of being advertised to. This is where creativity really has to play its part. Brands must look for creative activations and content that will speak directly to their new audience. A traditional Instagram post on the best trainers might work for a sports brand, but what if you’re advertising these trainers to music lovers? Does the advert need to be in audio format? Would any of the features of the trainers benefit a music lover? Creativity will help your brand stand out in a good way, rather than as something totally irrelevant.

One idea that tends to do well when thinking outside of the box for non-endemic brands is creating an experience. In 2021, the world of music and gaming combined as Ariana Grande hit Fortnite for a virtual concert. Although this wasn’t the first concert held on Fortnite, Marshmello and Travis Scott have also held virtual shows on the game, it does continue to show that if you create something that your fans will love (in this case, streaming a virtual concert into a game) people are going to turn up.

Non-endemic marketing isn’t easy, but with a bit of creativity and a keen understanding of what consumers want, brands can take advantage of more opportunities.

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Entertainment Marketing: Movies, TV, Music and Gaming Brand Strategy Gaming

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