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Creative ways to refresh your PPC copywriting

By Tom Welbourne, Founder/director

The Good Marketer


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June 23, 2022 | 6 min read

In theory we all know the value of paid search advertising, but few of us excel in doing it. Tom Welbourne, founder and chief executive officer at The Good Marketer, talks about why paid search is so valuable and how marketers can get it right.

The Good Marketer on how marketers can better embed paid search advertising into their strategy. Image credit: Josh Appel via Unsplash.

The Good Marketer on how marketers can better embed paid search advertising into their strategy / Josh Appel via Unsplash

Did you realize that Google receives 63,000 searches per second? That’s huge. When you consider how much money can be made from just a tiny percentage of those queries, it’s enough to make any firm reconsider their search engine strategy – and even invest in paid search advertising. How can you get the most out of it? A PPC agency.

So, let’s get down to business writing killer ad copy.

Create a need for your business

The key to outstanding copy and content is user intent. I’d even go so far as to suggest that user intent is one of the critical elements of every effective marketing strategy.

After all, knowing what your consumer wants and needs is half the battle.

So, how do you incorporate user intent into your PPC ad copy?

Consider your buyer persona rather than yourself.

The main goal is to shift the focus away from yourself and toward your clients. Tell them how you deal with their issues. Showing that you understand them is the best way to get new customers.

The main point to remember is not to exaggerate. Be practical and demonstrate your ability to solve challenges.

Quality v quantity

You’re probably assuming that the more people you target, the more likely someone will click on your ad. It is perhaps true, but as you pay per click, the main goal is to get clicks from people who will make a purchase.

Before you ask how to write PPC ad content, consider who your PPC ad copy is targeting.

Some of today’s most successful businesses specialize in smaller areas. Make different ad copies for various buyer personas.

This ensures that your ad is only seen by people ready to buy or those who perfectly match your buyer persona profile.

After all, why spend money on folks who aren’t likely to become customers?

Numbers tell you everything

The majority of people know how much they are willing to spend on a product or service. Even better, people may expect your goods to be in a different price range depending on their income.

People have their own set of expectations. They will, of course, compare pricing and features before clicking ‘purchase.’ However, by explicitly presenting your costs in the ad language, you may make their lives easier.

It will also save you money on irrelevant clicks, such as customers who think your products are not in their desired price range.

Show your value at the beginning

The best USPs should be apparent from the start. It does not take entire paragraphs to convey a simple point of distinction. Keeping it short is one of the best PPC ad copy recommendations.

Anyone can explain a product or service’s benefits in thousands of words. Only the best ad copywriters can make those advantages shine in just a few sentences.

The goal is to describe the benefits of your products and services in bullet points. Customers do not have time to read a story when searching, but they are keen to know the main reasons why they should purchase from you.

The main point is to start with the benefits of your business. Remember to keep it simple.

Your customer journey matters

Not every user is at the same point in the buying process. As a marketer, you need to pay special attention to this if you want to master PPC ad copy.

The easiest way is if you have already decided which stage your ads are going to target. It’s your responsibility to persuade the customers to buy from you.

You can take advantage of your great price, high quality or other benefits such as free delivery, quick shipment or good customer service.

You’ll have to put more effort into the first two phases to make it as apparent as possible to the user what you’re selling. Furthermore, you must ensure that your landing pages are interesting enough to encourage visitors to go from one step of the buyer’s journey to the next.

The main conclusion is that PPC ad text must reflect the customer’s buying journey.

Match landing pages with ads

You would think everyone is smart enough to direct customers to the right landing page, but don’t fool yourself. If your landing page doesn’t match your photo or your PPC ad copywriting, you’re in trouble.

The main message is that landing pages and PPC ads are part of the same sales funnel. Make sure they complement each other and refer to the same product. You can even use the same headline in both locations to provide the impression of continuity.

To summarize all of these suggestions in one phrase, it would be: get to know your audience. It’s easy to develop PPC ad copy that sells it to them once you know who they are and what they need.

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