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How to spot a viral TikTok

By Tom Welbourne, Founder/director

The Good Marketer


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June 17, 2022 | 6 min read

The Good Marketer’s Tom Welbourne investigates how to spot a viral TikTok marketing so that you can be ahead of the curve in finding out what content is going viral on one of today’s most important platforms.

The Good Marketer on how to create a TikTok-viral trend.

The Good Marketer on how to create a TikTok-viral trend

The sound must be about a one-minute loop – and catchy as hell

You can tell a good, catchy sound from an average one in a heartbeat, and the same goes for TikTok videos. If the song is catchy, it’s almost certainly going to be a hit if you put it on repeat for three minutes. If the sound isn’t catchy enough to keep your attention throughout the video, then chances are that anyone who watches will get bored before they’ve even finished watching and end up scrolling on to the next video.

There are two types of TikToks that use loops: cover songs and mash-ups/remixes. These two types of videos can be distinguished by how they were made, with covers using pre-uploaded copyrighted material, while mash-ups are often made by the creator outside of the app and uploaded to use as a sound specifically on TikTok.

The video must be somehow visually entertaining

Most people on TikTok are looking to be entertained for a short while, whether it be to laugh, learn or feel inspired. It can be funny, it can be cute, or it can even be sad – but if your video doesn’t evoke some kind of emotion while watching, then you might fail to keep the user’s attention.

  • The content of the video will usually fit in with the account’s niche, appealing to their followers who will be hoping to see similar content every time

  • The algorithms on different social media platforms are often favoring shareable content that is saved or shared with another user, pushing this content further out as it provides clear value to the audience. This is what ultimately keeps users coming back to the app time and time again

Utilize trends to get ahead of the curve

If you’re looking for a quick way to go viral then utilizing the ‘discover’ tab to find the latest trending sounds is a great way to see which sounds are the most popular, and potentially shoot your video to stardom.

Importantly, this trending video must be accompanied by other high-value content on your page that entertains the user and appeals to your chosen niche audience. For example, posting trending videos non-stop does not make users want to follow you as they will struggle to identify with you, and as a result your videos will be unrelatable.

The perfect combination of trending sounds and longer creative videos is the perfect recipe for a viral video as your account gains traction and the algorithm recognizes your consistency and rewards it with a viral video.

If the video is made by a brand or business, it has to have a sense of humor about itself

Humor is an important part of viral content. Humor can be used to make a brand seem more relatable and authentic, and it also helps break down barriers between brands and their audiences.

That’s why if the video you’re watching was made by a brand or business, it has to have a sense of humor about itself. The best examples are brands that poke fun at themselves while still being entertaining.

At the end of the day, if you want to succeed on TikTok as an advertiser or creator – or just as an average user – you need to know how to spot a viral TikTok yourself.

It must be relatable in some way, even for people who don’t know the song involved in the first place

To be considered a viral TikTok, the video must be highly popular and relatable in some way, even for people who don’t know the song involved in the first place. It can show a girl dancing with her friends to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance or a guy doing backflips in front of his home while listening to a new indie band. A video that goes viral on TikTok is one that has mass appeal – it’s something that anyone could relate to and feel empowered by (or want to dance along with).

A good example of this is an artist who’s not well known by mainstream audiences yet but has developed a strong following on TikTok: Lil Nas X. He became famous after releasing his hit single Old Town Road last year, but has since gained over 100 million followers across all social media platforms including TikTok, where he posts regularly.

His viral videos often involve him rapping along with popular songs including Drake’s In My Feelings or Becky G’s Zoom while wearing outfits such as a skeleton costume or a homemade wingsuit constructed out of cardboard boxes. These videos have been viewed millions of times each because they appeal directly to young people who don’t know much about country music but still identify strongly with what Lil Nas X stands for – that anyone can express themselves however they want.


Ultimately, there’s no crystal ball to tell which videos will go viral. There are rumors that TikTok will give a ‘boost’ to a particular video on your channel if it reaches a posting milestone, but this is just hearsay. For the best chance of having a viral video, ensure that you are creating unique and engaging videos that stand out from the rest.

TikTok Viral Technology

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