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Marketing Mental Health Wellbeing

How can brands stay on top during the era of digital detoxing?

By Sam Evans | Experience and Strategy Director



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May 25, 2022 | 5 min read

We live most of our lives online through our digital devices. We can scroll through social media, send emails and interact with friends and family all within minutes. During the past two years, we've been glued to our devices, and consumers are beginning to become fatigued. Many of us are looking to reduce the time we spend online, which is why Sam Evans, strategy director at Rawnet, considers whether a digital detox will soon be on the rise.

Rawnet consider the benefits of a digital detox.

Rawnet considers the benefits of a digital detox, and how brands can contribute to this

For brands looking to up their game online and continue to build awareness, a digital detox could be a cause of concern. The concept of ‘digital detox marketing’ is a term that may not have been used before, but now businesses will need to shift to a new way of connecting with their customers. With a general rise of awareness around mental health and wellbeing, brands must respect their consumers by following their boundaries and understand that being constantly digital is extremely tiring. To overcome this, companies must position themselves to show they relate to the consumer and create a space of positivity and relevance.

A new world of marketing

To start, there is a high demand and need for brands to stop being so corporate. Consumers want to go online to engage with posts and feel like they are part of a conversation. Therefore, in this new world of marketing, it’s important to stay in touch with consumers in a positive way, instead of constantly trying to sell them services or products. A joyful post goes a long way, and reaching the hearts of customers through a fun and engaging campaign is a great way to build a strong relationship and establish trust. It’s important to keep in mind that customers are staring at screens for most of their day, so having something that they can relate to and can easily interact with is highly important to brands looking to utilize digital detoxing marketing.

Digital obsession is a real thing and brands should be doing everything in their power to help consumers avoid being on their phones for more than two hours a day. Instead, they encourage customers to have time away from their devices and put their wellbeing first. Sharing top tips that they can take on board to experience a digital detox will be encouraging and highly respected by customers. Purchasing online can also be a huge stress and having a ‘before it goes’ sale initiative can negatively affect the purchasing journey for customers as they feel the need to have a constant connection with their devices and the brand in general.

Be supportive and relatable

Everyone wants to be a part of something. Being an advocate or even a representative of a brand gives customers a sense of loyalty and trust, and allowing them to be a part of a community is a great marketing tool during the era of the digital detox. Displaying gratitude for customers and demonstrating that a brand cares will go a long way.

A perfect way to do this is through competitions, giveaways and prizes. This shows a company’s willingness to give something back to its customers. Encouraging customers to interact with posts, even by offering a chance to win a digital detox, shows that a brand is there for its customers. Being transparent and open when it comes to mental wellbeing will place a business in a good position within the customers’ hearts, retaining true loyalty and positive endorsements.

Creating a seamless experience

Marketers that are ready for the digital detoxing era will need to establish an efficient experience online. A brand’s digital presence, whether this is on social media or a website, needs to be an effortless process for the customer. The first impression of a brand is now made online. This means that the daily experience, social presence and online reputation must be considered by marketers to ensure that designs are seamless, time-efficient and non-invasive.

Ultimately, every touchpoint between the customer and business will need to be simple and effective. With the evolution of technology, consumers no longer expect digital obstacles and demands are focused on a ‘quick and easy’ approach.

Digital detoxing is only going to get bigger over the course of 2022. For brands to stay on top, they must be personable and offer a personalized response to all of their customer’s needs. Being there for your customers will be make-or-break in the era of digital detoxing, and marketers must be at the forefront of driving a more positive relationship with their online communities. Displaying an understanding of consumer needs will make a successful digital business in years to come.

Marketing Mental Health Wellbeing

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