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How to develop a luxury marketing content funnel

By Joanna Lewis, Head of content



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April 29, 2022 | 6 min read

Crafting a brilliant luxury content marketing funnel that resonates with ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) can work to take them on a seamless journey from awareness to retention. Joanna Lewis, head of content at Relevance, tells us how.

Relevance provide a four step guide for creating a luxury content funnel.

Relevance provide a four step guide for creating a luxury content funnel.

Curating an effective content funnel strategy is vital when targeting ultra-high-net-worth individuals. A well-structured content marketing funnel should take the user on a seamless journey from awareness to retention. Luxury brands need a digital presence at each stage of the high-value purchase funnel to keep customers engaged and moving forward on their purchase journey.

Building a luxury content funnel

Relevance is a digital marketing agency that specializes in targeting the world’s wealthiest audiences. Here we share tips on how to craft effective content for each stage of the funnel, including real-life examples from luxury brand Patek Phillipe.

The pre-awareness stage: ‘Notice me’

The pre-awareness content funnel stage creates an emotional alignment between the UHNWI and a luxury brand. Well-tailored ads, campaign concepts, photos and videos work well across paid media, organic social media, and traditional offline PR methods. This is the ideal stage to convey your brand’s ethos and values; for example, showing that your brand cares about the same things as your target audience.

Luxury watchmaker Patek Phillipple’s video for its ladies Twenty~4 Automatic wristwatch is an example of a pre-awareness piece of content, showcasing how their product perfectly aligns with an active woman’s lifestyle, highlighting the attention to detail and tenacity.

The awareness stage: ‘Get to know me’

The awareness stage of the content marketing funnel is designed to create awareness around a brand’s product or service. Landing pages, press releases, social media content and infotainment comparisons all work well at this stage of the funnel, on a brand’s website, organic social media and traditional PR methods. The awareness stage is an excellent opportunity for a brand to demonstrate what they stand for.

Again, Patek Philippe expertly nails the awareness stage on their Instagram page, where they don’t just talk about their brand values of tenacity and attention to detail but exude it.

The interest stage: ‘Consider me’

The interest stage is the opportunity for luxury brands to address the consumer question, “Is this product right for me?” Blogs, whitepapers, articles, webinars, and walkarounds posted on a brand’s website or across their social media platforms are all effective ways to answer this question.

The key message here is to convey how and why your luxury brand’s product or service fits an UHNWIs specific needs and values. Patek Philippe collaborated with auction house Christie’s on the article 'five reasons collectors love Patek Philippe' with Christie’s experts highlighting the watchmaker's iconic products, providing brand endorsement from a trusted source.

The desire stage: ‘Want me’

The desire stage of the content funnel also covers the consideration phase. It should convey the message that a luxury brand's product or service is unique and of the highest quality, justifying the purchase in the eyes of UHNWIs.

Desire stage content works well in-store and on a brand’s website as testimonials and visualizers, including augmented reality and visual reality. Organic social media posts can also be highly effective.

Patek Philippe’s Savoir-Faire website page aptly targets this content funnel stage, highlighting the brand’s human touch and the irreplaceable skill of hand-finishing to produce a highly desired product to be passed onto future generations.

The action stage: ‘Buy me’

At this stage of the content marketing funnel, the audience is primed to purchase, seeking information on where they can purchase the product or service and reassurance that they are getting a good deal. A luxury brand will want to reassure its audience that they are buying the product or service from an official or brand-certified outlet.

Product pages on a brand’s website, virtual meetings and face-to-face meetings in stores, live chats and product presentations all work well at this mid-funnel stage.

Patek Phillipe’s 'authorized retailers' page is a good example of the action stage, demonstrating how it is easy and secure to do business with them, while the interactive map makes it effortless for customers to find their nearest authorized retailer.

The retention stage: ‘Stay with me’

During the retention stage of the content marketing funnel, consumers will be seeking reassurance that the product or service will be of value to them. A brand will need to demonstrate this with content that showcases personalized moments, community stories, and customer collaborations.

Premium brands should convey that they understand their customers' needs and care about their relationships with them. A brand’s website, newsletters, personalized content, and organic social media are all great places to post content.

Patek Philippe’s register page and instructions for use website pages all fit the retention stage, with the register page encouraging their target audience to ‘join the privileged family of Patek Philippe watch owners’ and the instructions for use page ensuring customers understand how to get the most enjoyment from their watch.

If you need help curating a luxury marketing content funnel strategy that grabs the attention of the world’s richest audiences, then contact our team of luxury digital marketing experts.


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