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Modern Marketing Client Relationships Digital Transformation

Four tools for creating successful agency-client relationships

By Danielle Wesolowski | Account Strategy Directors



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April 8, 2022 | 5 min read

Things are moving at top speed, and clients’ 2022 goals are no exception. It can feel like a rat race as you re-evaluate budget, implement new tactics, reconstruct messages, tweak creative – doing ‘all the things.’ Being agile and pivoting for every single client whim will keep you on the roster today, but is that the partnership you anticipated when you first began? Coegi’s account strategy director Danielle Wesolowski has four tools to help you build the relationships you envisioned.

Coegi assemble the pieces for marketers looking to nail their client relationships.

Coegi assembles the pieces for marketers looking to nail their client relationships

Race toward alignment

We’re all clear that there is a lot to do – but sometimes that can be where agreement ends. You’ve received ‘quick updates’ about changes to the order of priorities. You’ve received requests about pivoting targeting tactics. You’ve received notes about making changes that you know will impact delivery to your primary audience.

I’d like to challenge you: are you thinking through how these ‘new’ tactics actually advance the brand’s media and business goals? You can be agile and move fast, but are you truly acting with strategic vision?

Go back to the basics with your client. Start by slowing down to build trust. Pace your client and set expectations with thoughtful communication, whether it be calls, IMs or video chats. Reinforce the need to be both methodical and intentional, even as schedules and budgets swirl around you. Ensure you’re building from trust while showing your commitment and investment in their brand.

When your client understands your intent and truly believes you care about improving their work, it’s much easier to level-set, implement change and offer recommendations that may vary from their newest idea. Thoughtfully plan your next move and emphasize your creativity, while remaining committed to the overarching strategy.

Emphasize approach and learnings

Focusing on big-picture strategy doesn’t mean you should remove the sizzle from your media. You’re still in competition for your client, so there’s always work to do. Differentiate your approach by persistently reassessing the playbook, which is your measurement strategy.

Every media decision should align with your client’s overarching objectives and goals. A detailed measurement strategy, if well-built, will allow for the flexibility of pivots and will do so with streamlined efficiency, all while answering the question, ‘is this working well?’ Your measurement game plan should feature both offensive and defensive plays. Permit yourself, and encourage your client, to test and learn and then test again. Drive incremental improvements with your measurement strategy in-hand.

Make every move worth the effort

You’re already addressing your client’s challenges with well-designed campaigns and delivering rich metrics that align with their goals. Don’t stop there. Ensure your data-driven results tell a clear story that resonates with key stakeholders, whether of success or challenge. Use this opportunity to demonstrate and reiterate how your strategy is setting their business up for success, and implementing changes that make their dollars work even harder. Your client will always be appreciative of a proactive digital strategist.

Assemble the puzzle pieces

Successful digital media is a team sport that requires communication, cohesion and collaboration for greatest success. You’ve exerted significant effort to pursue, research, win and lead your client’s campaigns. So be forward-thinking to avoid hiccups and keep pushing forward. Investing in energy-driving activities that show your client they are your priority will go a long way toward building a lasting relationship. Ensure trust is established, validate your pauses and be clear that every change is thoughtfully planned to help them achieve their goals.

Modern Marketing Client Relationships Digital Transformation

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