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Social Media Video Social Media Marketing Engagement

How to use video content to skyrocket social media engagement

By Tom Welbourne, Founder/director

The Good Marketer


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March 30, 2022 | 5 min read

Social media has become an integral part of daily life. Digital platforms provide an interactive source for users to connect with individuals across the globe and build communities to share their interests – and all you really need is an internet connection. The Good Marketer’s founder Tom Welbourne looks at how marketers can better adopt and integrate social media.

The Good Marketer provide some tips on how to embed video into your social media strategy.

The Good Marketer provides some tips on how to embed video into your social media strategy

When it comes to businesses, you need highly-engaging content.

Businesses these days are using online platforms to engage with their customers – a blessing for small business owners who don’t have a huge marketing budget to promote their products online. Social media allows you to boost your brand’s visibility and helps you attract new customers, especially if you’re utilizing things such as video content.

If you are working with a social media agency, you should be using video content to help enhance your social media presence and skyrocket your engagement.

Why is social media engagement important?

Your likes, comments, saves and follower numbers are all-important engagement metrics when it comes to your social media. Engagement is a great way to know if the content you create resonates with your audience, which is vital to building a positive brand name and developing your relationship with your buyers.

How does video content help improve engagement?

Content is created in various forms, such as images, blogs, articles and videos, to name a few. And while all of these content types have the potential to generate engagement, video-based content is arguably the best.

But let’s dive a little deeper into five reasons why and how video content can skyrocket your engagement.

  1. Videos are naturally engaging: Not only do videos appeal to our dramatically decreasing attention span over a lengthy piece of text, but videos also work better with social media algorithms and reach more accounts. Around 80% of social media users report watching videos – that’s a huge majority

  2. Videos convey your message quickly: Our brain processes visuals far more quickly than words. Videos make information easier to understand and digest – as a brand you can get your message across faster. What’s more, videos can help make your message more accurate. Often images can be open to interpretation, but with a video fewer things get lost in translation

  3. Video is valuable and memorable: Did you know that 95% of a message seen in a video will remain with you? Video content helps make your brand memorable, and if you’re memorable people are more likely to engage with you

  4. Video can influence decisions and drive actions: You’ve heard the phrase ‘the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing,’ right? Well, video content plays into this incredibly well. Videos can have an organic, homemade feel that allows businesses to advertise their products without it feeling too much like an ad. Whether it’s reviews, user-generated content (UGC) or brand-generated content that just looks like UGC, there is a ton of opportunity to use videos to help drive your audience to act

  5. Videos spark an emotional attachment: Videos are the best way to connect with your customers emotionally. A strong message conveyed via video can spark emotions among viewers, and lead them to like, comment and share. With video, you have the power to combine visuals, text and sound. Think about television adverts from charities – not only do they use hard-hitting visuals, but they also use shocking statements either through text or a voiceover

So how do I get started with video marketing?

We’ve already talked a little bit about how video content with a homemade feel generates great results. If you’ve got an iPhone you’re already halfway there. Or if you’re looking for more professional services, why not reach out to a full-service social media agency?

Social Media Video Social Media Marketing Engagement

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