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Here’s how to run value-driven influencer marketing campaigns

By Alan Gray |



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March 8, 2022 | 5 min read

A powerful way of understanding audiences and influencers is by first understanding what they value. But once you’ve identified influencers that match your values, how should you engage with them? Alan Gray, senior research psychologist at Tailify, has answers.

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Running a successful influencer campaign comes down to knowing your customer / Image courtesy of Tailify

So you’ve read my previous article on the importance of selecting influencers who match your brand’s values and you’re sold. You know that values aren’t just cheap talk, but are genuine predictors of behavior, and you appreciate the need to measure them using valid psychometric tools.

But what next? Now that you’re value-matched with an influencer, how are you both to dance together in the best ROI-summoning way?

Here’s some inspiration to take your influencer-marketing campaigns to new, value-driven heights.

Get your priorities straight

It’s key to recognize that the predictive power of values, in terms of behavior, is tied to their order of importance in a particular individual. It’s one thing to value ‘benevolence’; it’s quite another to put it above all else.

Although we may value many complementing things, the hierarchical nature of values means that we put some above others. Values are socially desirable – we’d love to be known for all one of them but, alas, we must choose.

Getting your priorities straight requires asking yourself about the values your brand puts above all else – and doing so honestly. Because values only predict behavior when prioritized, your brand should exclusively select influencers with similar value presidencies. That way your value-driven strategy is already met with motivated action. No longer will the influencer feel like they have to ‘fake it’ or ‘get the job done’ – instead, they’ll be speaking up for what they love. And you’ll love the result.

Look to the best

What was it Picasso said about good artists? Yes, exactly. Get stealing!

Once you know what you value, look to other brands that prioritize the same. No matter how varied value profiles may seem, ultimately they boil down to the same universal content and structure: a handful of basic values that complement and conflict in predefined ways.

Obviously, you’d be wise to avoid imitating those that project conflicting values. That’s just confusing – and inauthentic to the way values actually work. But wonderful examples of value-driven campaigns abound. It’s just a case of searching with your priorities in mind.

Here’s one of my favorites.

A story of stimulation: Virgin Digital

People who value ‘stimulation’ value ‘excitement, novelty and challenges in life.’ Essentially, they’re always looking to keep up with the next big thing and keen to try new and exciting trends. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to expect them to be big pop music fans – and potential Virgin Digital customers.

Richard Branson knows how to target an audience. In 2005, Virgin Digital gave those who value stimulation an advert they couldn’t resist. Here was a super-cool cityscape riddled with musical pictograms – a novel and exciting challenge that was also an advert in disguise.

I’ll leave it to you to find all 75 bands – but personally I like the Smashing Pumpkins (bottom right).

Strategies like this show that Virgin Digital not only knows itself; it knows its customers. Running successful influencer campaigns comes down to much of the same. A good influencer is a proxy for your customers – they embody your brand and provide authentic promotions. They are advocacy rooted in values. Great campaigns show an understanding of shared values and produce content true to them. Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword – it’s what happens when you select and strategize based on science.

To learn more about values, and better understand your own brand’s value priorities, contact us and we’ll help you and your brand make that perfect match.

Agencies Brand Purpose Influencer Marketing

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