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Marketing Amazon Brand Strategy

The latest Amazon tool to help brands sell more

By Charlotte Boaler |



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March 7, 2022 | 6 min read

Amazon has rolled out a new tool to help brands improve their customer experience on Amazon. Optimizon’s brand content specialist Charlotte Boaler explains what the new ‘Brand Story’ section is, and how brands can use it to give customers a better shopping experience on Amazon (and increase sales).

Optimizon looks into the effectiveness of careful brand positioning within Amazon listings.

Optimizon looks into the effectiveness of careful brand positioning within Amazon listings

There has never been a better time for companies to take control of their brands on Amazon – not only to prevent third-party resellers from damaging those brands, but so that shoppers get the same brand experience wherever they shop.

Amazon continues to target brands to sell on the platform, opening up new features to attract them. Customer experience (CX) is at the forefront of its business model, and Amazon knows that consumers typically get a better shopping experience from brands that deliver a superior shopping offering on the platform.

Amazon Brand Story feature

Amazon Brand Story provides additional branding possibilities for vendors and sellers to tell their brand stories.

Why is this important? Simply put, a good Brand Story can build a strong emotional connection with shoppers, increasing trust and leading to increased sales and repeat purchases.

The new section is an add-on to A+ content, which traditionally focuses on the product and its features. The Brand Story can be used to highlight the brand message and values, as well as other branded products.

Consistent brand experience

You don’t need to think back far to recall how Amazon shopping has changed from simple listings with basic product information to today’s more immersive shopping experience.

Branded content helps to further improve CX, and helps brands build trust and recognition. The product information such as A+ content and Storyboard images on product detail pages has transformed faceless Amazon listings to a complete branded experience.

Shoppers now make an emotional connection to the brands and products they are purchasing on Amazon. This is proven in the rise of successful brands that are exclusive to Amazon.

The Brand Story is a bolt-on to the product detail page where brands can set out their brand message.

Optimizon has been helping brands tell their stories on Amazon for some time, and the sales increases speak for themselves. Now the Brand Story section has become part of this toolset.

Adding an Amazon Brand Story in Seller and Vendor

The Amazon Brand Story is included as an addition to A+ content. You can add the Brand Story within the A+ Content Manager.

Brand Story is displayed below the main product information on the product page. It is located directly above the A+ content and is displayed as an eye-catching carousel, which contains various options that brands can choose from.

The differing ‘card’ options can be arranged to highlight the brand’s story and values. What’s more, they can highlight selected products and can link to the Brand Store (Amazon Storefront).

How to structure your Amazon Brand Story

Your Brand Story should showcase what your brand stands for. You can build an emotional connection and trust with your customers, highlighting what you have to offer beyond the product benefits (which you can set out in the A+ content area).

The overall carousel modules can include a hero or background image, sitting behind various brand cards that shoppers can scroll through.

For best practice, the carousel cards should be consistently branded, and ordered in a way that makes sense to the shopper when scrolling.

Brand trust in categories such as ‘baby’ or ‘pets’ is proven to be a huge driver of purchases. The Brand Story here can highlight trust-building messages and build confidence in the brand.

We recommend setting out your Brand Story as follows:

About Brand Card

Image: Show the brand logo/introduce the brand

Text box: Demonstrate longstanding brand presence, brand strengths, core technologies and trust credentials

Brand four ASINs

ASIN: Here you can show four best-selling/related/most recognizable brand products

These products appear with the image and small headline. You can display two ASIN brand cards in a row within the carousel and include a link to your Amazon Brand Store.

Q&A Brand Card

You can present three bespoke or Amazon-generated questions and give personalized answers to provide more brand information. Build off any queries asked a lot in customer reviews.


Optimizon has proven the effectiveness of careful brand positioning within Amazon listings. However, as with all of the Amazon creative pillars, to make the most of Brand Story planning is required in order to enhance the listing, improve CX and maintain brand consistency.

As always, if you need any assistance in optimizing your branded listings, the specialists at Optimizon are here to help. We’ll help you increase sales and deliver better CX. Reach out to our team today.

Marketing Amazon Brand Strategy

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Optimizon is one of the UK’s fastest-growing eBay and Amazon Agencies, with clients including global brand leaders in homewares, garden machinery and sports equipment

The agency offers a full service from setting up Amazon Brand Registry and creating Amazon listings, A+ content and storefronts to Amazon advertising, DSP, Shipments, Vat Issues and Sales Analysis. Clients can list on Amazon Vendor or Seller, Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) or Amazon (FBA) and typically see double-digit sales increases within the first few months, as well as keeping total control of the brand.

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