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Looking at the no- and low-alcohol brands changing the face of the drinks industry

By Amber van de Sande, Creative account manager



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January 27, 2022 | 6 min read

As low and alcohol-free drink options become more mainstream, Paradise continues its assessment of the industry to provide marketers with a clear guide regarding how to excel in this sector (read the previous article in the series here). Creative account manager Amber van de Sande rounds up the brands performing well as alcohol alternatives.

Paradise look at some of the brands excelling in the alcohol free sector.

Paradise looks at some of the brands excelling in the alcohol-free sector

Continuing our review of all things alcohol-free, here’s our round-up of some of the best 0% alcohol beers, low-calorie alternatives and other non-alcoholic spirits available, ranked in no particular order. We’ve also spoken to some of the following no-/low-alcohol brand leaders mentioned to find out about their marketing approaches, including how they have overcome challenges around building consumer connection.

FUL drinks

Started by three friends who met at business school in 2019, FUL’s founders Julia Streuli, Sara Guaglio and Cristina Prat came from different backgrounds and shared a united vision – to create work that makes a difference to the planet and human health. Their superfood drink promises to pack a punch thanks to its natural goodness.

It’s blue in color because of the inclusion of spirulina and exclusion of added sugars. Containing less than 20 calories, FUL is made up of all-natural nutrition that boosts the immune system. It looks like a cocktail when poured into a fancy glass, so it can complement evening drinking or more mindful consumption.

Co-founder Streuli says: “Spirulina is usually eaten in powder or pill form, but it still carries a bad taste. At FUL, we wanted to work past the taste and max out on its nutritional value. Not only does the bright blue drink look beautiful visually, its protein pigment complex (aka phycocyanin) acts as an antioxidant and its anti-inflammatory properties enable the body to highly function.”


Seedlip was the original non-alcoholic spirit and mimics the taste of gin. It was first picked up in restaurants before becoming available online. It currently stocks three different flavors of non-alcoholic gin.

Big Drop Brewing Co.

The stand-out packaging for this alcohol-free beer sets it apart on the shelf; it even scooped up the Best Style award at the World 2020 Beer Awards. And the taste lives up to its reputation. Founders and childhood friends James Kindred and Rob Fink began the venture as a way to support and encourage people to make healthy changes in their life, no matter what their reason. The team are also mindful of the planet, and brew with brewers already set up in a number of territories.

Kindred says: “Alcohol-free is not a weaker choice; it’s a viable choice for anyone who wants it.”

About not owning their brewery, he adds: “We work with brewers in different territories. We’ve got three UK breweries that we work with and one in Australia. Brewing locally using local ingredients massively cuts carbon emissions because we don’t have to put a load of cans on a boat for eight weeks to ship them around the world.”


Founded in 2017 and with beginnings in Brooklyn, Kin’s aim is to destress and provide a warm, fuzzy sensation found in other alcoholic drinks.


Family business TRIP was founded by Olivia Ferdi and her now-husband Dan Khoury in 2019. The journey to becoming the UK’s leading CBD wellness brand was a personal one, starting after Dan used CBD to recover from knee surgery and Olivia used it to destress from work. Having been personally affected by the positive effects of CBD, the pair decided to research its other medicinal effects. They helped to bring CBD to the mainstream after understanding how it can be used to calm the mind.

Co-founder Ferdi says: “True health includes mental health. We were inspired by plant-powered wellbeing and their potential to create high-quality products that help people manage stress. Products to support your wellbeing are finally becoming part of the mainstream. Our product is accessible to all, inclusive and beautiful, and offers relief for a number of medicinal ailments.”

Lervig No Worries

Alcohol-free beer Lervig tastes similar to a pale ale, like a low ABV beer, thanks to the process used to make it.

Content creator Hans Ludvig Sletvik says: “Lervig brewers have really cracked the code on its flavor and texture. Previously, only lagers were available on alcohol-free so it felt a bit exclusive for more adventurous beer drinkers. But the No Worries series tests out new flavors and styles for consumers to enjoy anytime, anywhere”


Punchy provides a booze-free punch alternative with varied flavors, spanning fruity mixes including peach, ginger and chai. It’s a good alternative to bring to a party.

Drop Bear Brewing Co.

Drop Bear Brewing Co. was conceived in Joelle Drummond and Sarah McNena’s kitchen when they realized the lack of alcohol-free craft beers available. Without hesitation, they purchased ingredients from a brewing shop, opened a YouTube account and gave brewing a go. As the first female-founded, alcohol-free beer company in the world, their products are also vegan, gluten-free and low calorie to ensure everyone can enjoy it.

Co-founder Drummond says: “Accessibility is very important. Most people drinking low or no alcohol are part of the wellness, vegan and green living movement. It was important that our products were vegan friendly and suitable for people leading more health-conscious lives.”

Given the array of no- or low-alcohol options currently available on the market, it’s a trend that looks like it’s here to stay. So it’s about time drinks marketers embraced alternatives in their lines to keep up with ever-changing consumer needs.

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