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How to double your influencer marketing ROI using science

By Didrik Svendsen



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December 10, 2021 | 4 min read

Successful influencer marketing is reliant on understanding and harnessing influence – defined as how people impact each other’s thinking and behavior.

Tailify on how science can be used to bolster influencer marketing campaigns.

Tailify on how science can be used to bolster influencer marketing campaigns

This feels like a simple premise; the key is in the name right? You need to understand influence to be able to influence people. The issue is that most brands and agencies select influencers based only on the visible, functional data that everyone can see. This data only tells you what people do, not why.

To understand why people do what they do, you need to apply the principles of psychology and behavioral science. This is the vital step that 99% of players are missing right now. Only by understanding why people behave the way they do can you foster this behavior in your future campaigns.

Think back to your last influencer marketing campaign. Do you remember that one influencer who stood out? The influencer who performed so well and drove great business results? Wonderful, you know what they did. The historic response would have been to just use this influencer again and again until the relationship is dry, but to truly replicate this success, and to scale it, you need to know why it performed so well.

Let’s look at an example of how behavioral science can help us do just that.

We recently worked with Alana Arbucci in partnership with a lifestyle brand where she drove 22.5x ROI. This was an incredible result and so we wanted to discover why this collaboration did so well.

As part of our approach we discovered that three of over 100 different psychological variables impacted return more than anything else; use of story, use of disclosure and humor. This golden trifecta enabled Alana to create highs and lows throughout her video. She shared personal experiences that elevated her connection with the app and with her audience. It was her psychological profile that strengthened her influence and drove incredible ROI.

Now that we know that these psychological traits are drivers of influence for this brand, we can look for influencers that display the same characteristics. We can move beyond the obvious metrics of follower count, demographics or engagement rates and instead look for influencers who embody these same characteristics. These are the influencers who will drive significantly higher results and elevate your next campaign.

Those are just three psychological variables, but at Tailify we compare over 100 psychological variables against an influencer’s content to analyse their values and match them to your brand. Influencer marketing is a multi-faceted approach and the only channel that is so heavily reliant on human-to-human relationships. Analysing this channel from a human perspective, using behavioral science and psychology, is truly the only foundation for successful influencer marketing.

This is how the science of influence works, and truly is the future of influencer marketing. Our campaign is to stop brands picking their next influencer on purely top-level metrics and gut feel, which is realistically no better than picking them out of a hat. The tools are here for scientific influencer selection, and they’re driving 2x the ROI compared to campaigns not using this approach.

Didrik Svendsen, chief executive officer at Tailify.

Social Media Marketing Influencer Marketing Marketing

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