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How to make yourself feel at home with an extreme data makeover

By Tina Allan | Global partner, data science & connections

November 16, 2021 | 4 min read

It’s not an understatement to say that everybody today is focused on data and technology, or experiencing a ‘great data reckoning.’ But why is it all so complicated? FCB’s Tina Allan explains how using data is like building the home of your dreams.

extreme makeover

Using data wisely is much like renovating a house

The role data can play in driving a client’s business has never been more important to brands and business. Yet, somehow we still find a way to make this critical enablement more complicated and difficult to understand.

Recently, I attended an industry roundtable. Language such as CTV, SDKs, PII, GDPR, attribution, identity and bifurcated data platforms were discussed and debated, and I was curious if the audience was tracking and keeping pace. Unsurprisingly, I witnessed clients’ eyes roll over, their brains and bodies overwhelmed and paralyzed when the subjects of data, tech and analytics were brought up.

My mission is to simplify and demystify this world through the language we use as data storytellers and connectors, so everyone can harness this fuel.

Simply put, the power of creativity in this space is immense and critical. Done right, it effectively fuels both a timeless and timely value exchange. It’s timeless because it can drive the value of the brand forever. It’s timely because it can drive the value of the brand in relevant, meaningful personal interactions that consumers care about. Activated together, they make a powerful connection.

To use an analogy, think of it in terms of renovating a home:

  • Data is the foundation.

  • Technology is the plumbing and the wiring that enables connection.

  • Strategy and UX inform the architecture and solutions design.

  • Creativity is the magic that brings your home to life.

  • Analytics are the insights that enable an architect and decorator to personalize a home to the homeowner’s likes and needs: the paint colors, bathroom fixtures, appliances, curtains, sustainable products and so forth.

  • Project management and business leads manage the orchestration of all the pieces, including budget and timing.

To embrace the power of the so-called ‘great data reckoning’ – or, more simply, to renovate your home – requires focus and investment in three simple areas:

  • Make it one-of-a-kind. It’s simple – if you know what colors a customer likes, you know what paint options to share with them. Using first-party data will lead to in-depth consumer understanding, a path for clear value exchange and a 1:1 marketing experience for the customer.

  • Encourage an all-hands-on-deck approach. If you’re renovating your entire home, you wouldn’t hire a plumber to do your flooring and electricity too, right? Creating a structure where everyone (data experts, strategists, creatives) can collaborate is instrumental for optimized creative output (the renovation).

  • Get everyone on the same page. Renovating a home requires a blueprint and steps to get to the final product. Similarly in an organization, having clarity and alignment on desired goals will guide your strategy over the next three to five years.

With all the advancements from the past few years, it’s abundantly clear that those who want to grow their brand, business and customer base must focus on maintaining and improving their data strategy. Today, and in the future, those who prioritize delivering precise insights, personalized experiences, performance enhancements and predictive models will see the fruits of their labor.

Overseeing data science and connections, I am passionate about understanding and building relationships between people, data and technology to create a powerful impact – while viewing this journey through the lens of creativity. Because just like building the home of your dreams, it takes being connected and being creative.

Tina Allan is FCB global partner, data science & connections.

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