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By Diane Perlman | CMO



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September 16, 2021 | 5 min read

If there is one thing that shifted during the pandemic, it’s the perspective on what’s most important in life. After so long locked inside, we’re all looking for a more authentic connection, not only with family and friends, but with work colleagues. We’ve seen their kitchens, we’ve heard their dogs barking and their kids running in the background for endless months, but somehow companies are still speaking in this foreign, jargony language while talking about their stories. Well, until now...

Blis on why privacy-first personalised advertising doesn’t have to be a mirage.

Blis on why privacy-first personalized advertising doesn’t have to be a mirage

We decided to tell our story with a fresh, more human approach to our new corporate video. The result? You can see for yourself.

If stories are humanity’s truest language…

Why are we so formal when talking about our own business? If we want to be memorable and believable, then we need to add humanity into our corporate stories. We, somehow, got used to seeing chief execs as these unreachable people rather than seeing them for who they truly are – human.

When we hear a story, there is a side of our minds that takes part in the story itself. We imagine ourselves taking those same steps. So why not imagine ourselves having a little bit of fun to solve one of the biggest challenges we are all about to face?

A challenge as big as the (eventual) death of third-party data

In our new video, we’ve stranded our chief exec Greg in Death Valley, the driest place on Earth. Well, not literally... we wouldn’t leave him in a scorching hot desert just to prove a point. But we still had a lot of fun getting him out of his comfort zone and acting in front of a green screen (nothing personal Greg, we just didn’t want to make another serious corporate video).

This is an extreme metaphor for the data drought that brands trying to reach their audiences will face over the coming years, but an apt one. And Greg did manage to escape the desert in our tale, just as we’re confident advertisers can survive too, once the data drought eventually becomes a reality (with a little help from Blis).

An oasis in the data desert

Just as happened with Greg, brands can serve up relevant ads to everyone by understanding their needs, lifestyles, spending habits and interests based on privacy-first, anonymized data. We call this Dynamic Audience Targeting, and it will enable Blis to continue delivering highly accurate, targeted campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, regardless of where their customers are when the data drought hits.

The shortage in data will come with its challenges, but with the right plans in place, we can find the balance between efficiency and respect for consumers to overcome this period of data scarcity so no one goes thirsty. And we are here to help.

Just as we did with our corporate video, we added simplicity to media planning when we launched Audience Explorer, allowing planners to build richer and better performing campaigns in a more intuitive way, ready for programmatic activation across any platform.

Audience Explorer can help advertisers find the right customers to deliver better outcomes. Through an interactive and visual tool that combines data from our global panel of 370 million opted-in consumers with precise location data and anonymized rich third-party signals, discovering the right audience is quick and easy.

With Blis, privacy-first personalized advertising doesn’t have to be a mirage. To see how you too can beat the data drought, get in touch.

Diane Perlman, chief marketing officer at Blis.

Technology Open Mic Blis

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Blis is an omnichannel advertising platform like no other. We allow planners to plan, buy and measure high-performing audiences without relying on IDs, helping the world’s largest brands and media agencies achieve their goals across screens.

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