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Future of Media: Copa90 crypto goal, digital media M&A moment, TikTok on radio


By John McCarthy | Media editor

August 26, 2021 | 9 min read

Welcome to your weekly Future of Media briefing from media editor John McCarthy.

Visa NFT

Can publishers harness crypto?

I hate crypto for four reasons:

  • It's new and I've got a lot of reading ahead of me to fully understand it. I hate reading.

  • I'm still to be convinced it's not a Herbalife for nerds scam (I know its built on proprietary blockchain tech that WILL change the world).

  • Some of its biggest fans are pretty yuck, and I would be too if I had sunk my life savings into an asset I could inflate with frenetic, undeserved praise. (Sort of like real-estate owners telling us we MUST return to the office).

  • Cryptominers bought up seemingly ALL PC graphics cards and I'm stuck with a 2013 duffer that is about to die.

Now we've addressed my prejudices, I've softened those stances in recent days after talking to Petrit Berisha, Copa90's head of cryptomedia.

He believes crypto is going to change creation, ownership, community and fandom, and it's his job to work out just how Copa90 can best be a part of this.

A real interesting read – if I do say so myself.

Digital media acquisition

Digital media is coming back to life again as the green shoots of ad spend start to become apparent (as per AOP research this week).

First, a private equity firm took a 50% stake in Jungle Creative, a nice milestone after seven years of building from scratch.

Then FootballCo (the football groups that was part of Dazn until 2020, it owns, bought one of Italy's most respected football outlets citing confidence in the coming ad boom and a belief that advertisers want a one-stop-shop in football that can reach far and go deep on a national basis.

Juan Delgado, chief executive of FootballCo, explains all here.

[Last-minute addition before hitting send] And Axel Springer has JUST agreed to the acquisition of Politico.

Weird moves

I like pointing out how platforms use other platforms for audience growth, marketing and more.

So it's worth pointing out this week's launches of a TikTok radio station, a Tumblr podcast, and a creepy voice skill for horror movie Candyman. And I suppose porn content on OnlyFans unlaunched and relaunched. What a mess. OnlyFans of course blamed the banks. Wouldn't have happened if they paid in crypto...

And Channel 4 allowed buyers to real-time-bid on its inventory for the first time across All4. This is getting a few folks excited and represents a gear change in TV that more will follow.

Meet the Media Minds

Dentsu X's newly installed global client and brand president Sanjay Nazerali shared his words of wisdom with media newbies.

Don't get lost down the product rabbit hole, he says. He also thinks Facebook Oculus could help us save the world... and I'm nearly convinced. This week, long-held views about crypto and VR have been shaken.

What an opinion-changing newsletter this is. Read Sanjay's thoughts here.

Other Stuff

That’s you all caught up. If you missed the last installment, read it here. You can subscribe to our other briefings here. And if you want to talk to me, I’m on Twitter, Linkedin and email.

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