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Future of Media: Hate mates, Euro ad frenzy, very weird OOH

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Good afternoon. I hope you've been enjoying the sports – and our Sports Marketing Deep Dive.

Stop Funding Mates?

Ad spend activist group Stop Funding Hate is on fairly good terms with the Daily Mail these days. It has been a strange old week with England making a major final and the ocean burning, so this unexpected truce isn't so out of place.

Chris Sutcliffe explores how the group is moving attention elsewhere and how the newspaper might actually be responding positively to the pressure – but those in the title are split, and other publications aren't proving quite so open to change...

Read here.

Euro 2020 Adstravaganza

An ad during a Euro 2020 match on ITV could have cost between £65k and upwards of £500k. But with Wednesday's semi-final triumph over Denmark attracting more than 25 million viewers, most of whom were engaged, excited and, finally, ecstatic, the power of live sports and advertising once again comes to the fore.

Learn how ITV and BBC brokered the fixture schedule and how buyers navigated England's frankly unexpected progression through the tournament here.

Olympics-Sized Task

We now know that state-of-emergency Japan will be hosting Tokyo 2020 behind closed doors later this month. I quizzed IOC director of digital engagement Christopher Carroll on how he's going to reconnect fans with the event. The weight of the world rests upon his shoulders with the organization fast-tracking years of digital initiatives into a single delayed year to ensure Tokyo 2020 lands with fans in distant lands as if they are there in person.

Read it here.

Good Billboards That I Like

Out-of-home ads are great – they don't interrupt, they exist in the physical world and they usually freshen up the bleak concrete nightmares we inhabit.

So this week, I want to point you to a liquid billboard from Adidas designed to highlight inclusive swimwear. Yes, it is a billboard you can swim in, built-in Dubai. Check it here.

And next, Oatly has been enjoying the medium with its unique, odd, unusual and distinct voice. This time, its billboards are absolutely overloaded with screeds of texts you'd have no hope to read. These are 'the wordiest, stupidest billboards ever' according to the milk alternative. They're funny and memorable. And that's more than half the battle, right? Read here.

Media Innovation Column

And Havas's Marek Wrobel is back once more to track some cool developments in media and tech that you simply can't miss.

Check it out.

That's you all caught up. If you missed the last installment, read it here. You can subscribe to our other briefings here. And if you want to talk to me, I'm on Twitter, Linkedin and email.

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