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The future of your B2B sales strategies

By Su Kent | Director of Content and Communications



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June 3, 2021 | 7 min read

The past year has been challenging, but for many businesses it has also been a time of change and growth. That’s certainly the case for us at Ibexa. We have listened to the experiences of our customers, learned a lot from their struggles and helped them pivot their business models to meet the challenges of Covid-19. As the economies of Europe and North America emerge from lockdown, it is time for us all to take stock and discuss where to go from here.

Covid-19 showed us that digital transformation is not so much a destination as a process, an enabler for B2B companies to adapt their sales strategies to changing markets’ needs and conditions. This is the theme of our Ibexa Engage 2021 event: what is the right mix of sales channels for your business, and how do you position yourself to be ready for change?

Whatever the next normal will look like, B2B companies have to be agile in their response to events. Your customer experience has to stay relevant, which can be challenging because the only constant in business is change.

Ibexa promote the Ibexa Engage 2021 event to help marketers transform their sales models.

Ibexa is promoting the Ibexa Engage 2021 event to help marketers transform their sales models

Join us at Ibexa Engage 2021 to hear some great stories of innovation and to find out how we help our customers navigate this next normal. We want to share our experience with sales and marketing professionals in B2B companies, no matter where they are in their digital journey. Because we are all going to the same place: to accelerate sales and increase growth with seamless customer experiences.

The event takes place over four days in German, French, English, and Spanish. We have divided the day into four themes, and the agenda concludes with a roundtable discussion that pulls together the many aspects of digital transformation in B2B. You will emerge with great ideas and practical advice on how technology can help you drive your business forward, and be energized and inspired by some examples of successful B2B strategies that we will share during a busy day.

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Grow revenue by diversifying your sales channels

The Covid-19 crisis was a moment of truth for B2B companies. For many, the lockdowns disrupted traditional routes to market and digital transformation became not a matter of long-term survival but an immediate imperative. There is no going back: only 20% of B2B buyers and sellers long for a return to traditional patterns of face-to-face sales.

The B2B sales landscape is complex, and many companies are at the crossroads: should we join a marketplace, should we adopt a D2C sales model, or is it time to launch e-commerce functionalities on our site? But an exciting opportunity for one business may not be suitable for another. This session sets out the possibilities and the pros and cons of each, and what you can do now to reinvigorate your sales.

Elevating digital brand and experience

Whatever sector you are in, your B2B brand has to communicate trust, expertise and reputation – emotions that are hard-won and need careful thought, as well as a digital platform that’s on the same page as your strategy.

Price is important for B2B business, but in B2B the customer experience is part of the cost because misdirected product searches and a complicated UI waste time. A frictionless customer experience is the first important step towards creating a brand identity that centers around reliability. In this session, you will hear from our partners and customers abour how B2B manufacturers are heightening the perception of their brands, creating loyalty and higher sales.

The resurgence of the portal

Portals were born with the web, but then went out of fashion. They are back, playing a primary role in many digital transformations. Modern customer, partner and workplace portals are setting new standards in automation and self-service. If you associate portals with ‘old school’ designs, and a disorientating navigational experience, siloed from the website, this session is for you. We explore the stunning resurgence of the portal delivering frictionless, natural and easy user experiences, and present different use cases for different audiences.

Accelerate growth with B2B e-commerce

A natural extension to content and customer experience is the ability to transact online. To Ibexa, natural implies ‘native’, which is why our Digital Experience Platform has its own e-commerce functionality. B2B pricing is too complex, B2B catalogs too vast and integrations with existing business systems too important to be left to non-native solutions. In this session, we showcase companies that have successfully transformed their traditional sales processes with frictionless digital commerce. Are you ready for this next step?

Roundtable/expert discussion

This is where we pull it all together. We discuss the pitfalls of digital change and share the experience – and the lessons – of our customers that have already transformed their sales models. This is a ‘what next?’ session where we set out the insights you need to reimagine your company’s approach to digital transformation. We explore how to prioritize, what you’ll need to implement for change management in the organization and how to develop winning customer experience strategies.

This is an unmissable day, and we can’t wait to welcome you at Ibex Engage 2021 on June 29. Save your place now.

Su Kent is director of content and communications at Ibexa.

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