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New book for business leaders on moving from toothless purpose to action



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April 12, 2021 | 3 min read

Veteran business strategists Scott Goodson and Chip Walker of StrawberryFrog have released Activate Brand Purpose, a new book that delves into their thinking around purpose, through research.

StrawberryFrog business strategists Scott Goodson and Chip Walker have penned a new book about the value of purpose

StrawberryFrog business strategists Scott Goodson (R) and Chip Walker have penned a new book about the value of purpose.

It’s aimed at industry leaders seeking to boost their ability to drive positive change in their companies and the world.

The enormity of the actual challenges that we face as a planet, a civilization as a community requires a new kind of business leader. One that stops talking about purpose and starts tangible actions.

Activate Brand Purpose shows readers what is wrong with purpose and lays out a pragmatic roadmap for how CEOs, CHROs, CMOs, CSOs and CFOs can galvanize the people who matter inside the company and out. In the process, leaders can transform the culture and habits of employees, grow the company while making much needed positive impacts in our communities and our world, with StrawberryFrog claiming that companies that activate purpose thrive.

The book focuses on how to activate purpose through organization and by involving consumers and other stakeholders to avoid decay over time. The is a practical guide to changing employee mindset and transforming companies, through growing the business, the brand and its market share by measuring and tracking purpose empirically.

The Purpose Power Index, which is presented in the book, is the first empirical measure of companies that activate purpose at the core of their business: among both employees and consumers. Over 17,500 consumer responses underline the growth potential of purpose activated both as a business driver, transformation framework and to drive positive change in our communities.

The greatest challenge facing leaders today is around activating purpose-driven brands to the people who matter inside the company and out. More than 87% of consumers would purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about, and more than two-thirds would refuse to do so if the company supported an issue contrary to their beliefs.

We live in an age of activism – the conscious consumer is more socially aware than ever before, and this is reflected in their buying habits. Yet, activism on behalf of brands is lagging. While many claim to be ’purpose driven brands’, far too often this purpose is relegated to a plaque above the CEO's desk, and never goes any further. Or, worse, the ’purpose’ is transparently used as a marketing ploy, but never acted upon in any real way.

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