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Media Bounty wins integrated brief to promote electric vehicles to UK public

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Media Bounty will handle a campaign for New AutoMotive encouraging UK drivers to switch to zero emissions electric vehicles

New AutoMotive has appointed ethical creative agency Media Bounty to work on an integrated campaign to encourage UK drivers to switch petrol and diesel cars for zero emissions electric vehicles. The agency will also handle media planning.

The research organization uses data to help government and industry prepare for the transition so that the UK becomes an electric vehicle leader.

This ensures drivers’ needs are at the core of policy recommendations, and real change is enacted.

New AutoMotive’s consumer facing brand ElectricCar.Guide offers useful tools like the Savings Calculator to give UK motorists the information they need ahead of the 2030 ICE ban and ultimately facilitate their shift to electric vehicles.

Gi Fernando, chairman of New AutoMotive, said: “The switch to electric vehicles is happening and we need to do everything we can to make sure the UK is ready for it.

“We hope that working with Media Bounty will convince more drivers to embrace electric, encourage the industry to reskill and highlight the massive opportunity that lies ahead.“

Jake Dubbins, managing director at Media Bounty, added: “With the government announcing that the ban of sales of new vehicles with Internal Combustion Engines will be brought forward to 2030, the next few years will be some of the most exciting in the history of the motor car.

“As we confront the climate emergency, the entire industry will change in a very short space of time. Working as the creative and media partner of New AutoMotive we are so excited to be part of this seismic market transformation which will see the way we drive change for the better forever.“

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