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It’s nothing personal: preparing for a privacy-first world

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It’s nothing personal: preparing for a privacy-first world

By now, we all know about the elephant in the industry: changes to IDFAs and cookies are making waves throughout the digital ecosystem, which has become dependent on precise planning, hyper-personalized targeting and granular measurement.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: these changes will fundamentally affect every part of the campaign cycle as we know it, from planning through to activation and measurement. It’s a big deal, and it’s understandably keeping a lot of the industry up at night. In fact, in a recent Blis study, 78% of brands and agencies said they were concerned or very concerned about the disappearance of cookies, while 61% were concerned or very concerned about the reduction of IDFAs.

However, we believe these upcoming changes don’t need to spell out doom and gloom for marketers. Instead, we see this as an opportunity to innovate towards a more consumer friendly ecosystem that will ultimately be better for advertisers and the industry as a whole.

The key question will be how. We’ve heard a lot of chatter around potential solutions like Universal IDs (UIDs), contextual targeting, Google’s FLoC and first-party data – all of which will play important roles in this next generation of advertising. But there isn’t a neat, one-size-fits-all solution to date and it’s likely a combination of solutions that will win out. It’s a lot to wade through, so to help brand marketers and agencies make sense of all the new terminology, potential solutions and navigate this ‘perfect storm’ of change, we’ve put together a playbook. This easy guide aims to put the upcoming changes into perspective and explores the pros and cons of the various solutions being thrown into the ring as IDFA and cookie replacements.

We also delve into our ‘top tips’ to survive and thrive in this new landscape:

  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  2. Innovate, don’t imitate.

  3. Don’t sacrifice scale.

  4. Make sure it’s made to measure.

  5. Be flexible.

This is a unique opportunity to actively contribute to a new and improved digital ad ecosystem at this inflection point. With proactive conversations and the right plans in place, we can collectively emerge with innovative solutions that will ultimately benefit businesses and consumers alike.

Are you and your clients ready for this new, more impersonal world? You can make sure you’re prepared to #getimpersonal by downloading our playbook, Preparing for a privacy-first world: your personal guide to getting impersonal.

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