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StrawberryFrog behind Northwell spot encouraging reassessment of women’s health

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StrawberryFrog inspires new look at women's health with video campaign for Northwell.

Northwell Health and its Katz Institute for Women’s Health has released their their newest marketing effort, which will air throughout New York.

The campaign centers on women's healthcare as part of Northwell’s Raise Health campaign, which launched in February and was developed by marketing firm StrawberryFrog.

Deliberately launching on International Women’s Day, the cross-channel initiative led by the video ad, titled ’Breaking the Mold’ challenges gender conventions by bringing to light the fact that men have historically been the clinical default for human.

The campaign was inspired by evidence from Northwell that historically many medical devices were designed around the male body, which has in turn shaped medical research, medical standards, symptom definitions, diagnosis, treatment and pharmaceutical remedies.

Ramon Soto, chief marketing officer of Northwell, said: “We need to rethink the healthcare journey of women. Their health needs extend well beyond the traditional view. Think: women’s heart care, women’s orthopedic care, women’s sports medicine, and women’s mental health. Because of Northwell’s commitment to create a movement around women’s health, we turned to StrawberryFrog to get this important message out with the best creative and storytelling.

“This effort brings our community away from outdated images and ideas of women’s health, and is a call to arms for a new and better way to deal with the health of women.”

Breaking The Mold is a symbolic effort from Northwell to reject this outdated approach towards women’s health. The commercial (below) depicts Da Vinci’s famed statue of Vitruvian Man, which for generations was used as the template for the human body.

In the spot, a female hero breaks out from within the statue, causing it to shatter, followed by her standing heroically as a female figure of health.

Josh Greenspan, executive creative director at StrawberryFrog, added: “The Katz Institute is what the Raise Health Movement is all about – fighting against the unhealthy status quo. The idea that men can serve as the default for ‘human’ has caused women to be understudied, undertreated, and misdiagnosed, and this campaign dramatizes how Northwell is determined to literally break that convention.“

Northwell’s Katz Institute for Women’s Health has built a team of certified clinicians and researchers that take women’s norms, needs, patterns of disease and healing to deliver woman-centered care across all stages of a woman’s life.

In addition to the 30-second ad, Northwell’s women’s health campaign will include integrated content including a print ad in The New York Times, outdoor, online, radio and social media advertising. The launch film was created by StrawberryFrog and directed by Soleil Denault from the production studio L’Éloi.

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