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A Week in Creative: Bob Ross returns and Ikea creates disassembly instructions


By Imogen Watson | Senior reporter

February 24, 2021 | 5 min read

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Unapologetic boobies

It’s the most natural thing in the world but for some reason, breastfeeding still shocks, with 94% of surveyed mums agreeing that feeding needs to be spoken about more openly.

Bob Ross returns in Mtn Dew campaign

Bob Ross returns to the land of the living in a new Mtn Dew campaign

Tommee Tippee's ’The Boob Life’ aims to do this, empowering mothers to feed their way. Unapologetically raw, honest and intimate, the film features real mums, babies and breast milk in its natural glory, capturing the varied feeding stories of different women from across the world.

We’ll meet again

For 150 years, the Royal Albert Hall has been putting on a show. Like many of us, it could never have imagined that its big birthday would be spent in lockdown.

The building currently sits, eerily quiet, waiting to be played in again. And so, instead of focusing solely on the shows it hosts, this campaign focuses on the building itself.

Voiced by big gobbed rocker, Sir Mick Jagger, the film hones in on its legendary history, establishing an optimistic tone as it looks to the reopening of the live arts sector, after a lengthy hiatus.

Happy little droplets

The happy painter Bob Ross was brought on to this earth to soothe. For over a decade, up until his death in 1995, Ross brought painting to the masses with his step-by-step guide to creating landscapes, captivating the world with gentle musings such as ”we don’t make mistakes – we just have happy accidents” and ”there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend”.

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While his videos have circulated continually since 1995, no one has attempted to virtually bring back Ross – until now. Working alongside the Bob Ross Foundation, Mtn Dew recreated the spirit of the icon using CGI. In the spots, Ross is seen painting one of his renowned landscapes, only there is a bottle of Mtn Dew on which he paints his famous ’happy little droplets ’

How to undo

Ikea has reversed its iconic 'easy to follow' instructions to now provide a step-by-step guide on how to disassemble its furniture.

Although this may seem like an odd move, the campaign hopes to encourage people to extend the life of their furniture, by showing them what goes up, can easily come back down.

Ikea disassembled

Glug glug glug

How would you describe the taste and the experience of drinking a coke? Fizzy? Refreshing? Thirst-quenching? Nothing to write home about?

Well, it turns out 25% of people find it... indescribable. And so, Coca-Cola felt compelled to explore the universal, non-verbal reactions to drinking a refreshing glass of coke, featuring a customised track by Tyler, The Creator.

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