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Legal marketers: how to make your strategy more effective

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Marketing for solicitors

It can be a real challenge to incorporate an effective strategy of marketing for solicitors. Balancing the innate constraints of the sector and a natural aversion to risk while also trying to stand out in a very busy marketplace is not always easy. Hitsearch takes a look at the current state of the legal sector online in 2021, with an overview of the types of answers and information that searchers in the UK are looking for, and outlines six ways that you can make your law firm marketing strategy more effective.

The majority of the law-related searches being carried out on a monthly basis can be broken down into these categories:

  • Brand searches: people looking for a specific law firm that they have heard of or have experience with

  • Geographical searches: people looking for a local legal firm in a location that is convenient for them

  • Service searches: people looking for specific services offered, eg divorce solicitors or conveyancing solicitors

  • Question searches: people looking for answers to a legal question

  • Recruitment searches: people looking for a job in the legal sector

What are the things that matter to the people most likely to become your clients in the future? What do you need to provide them with that will meet their needs but also convince them to contact you for further information? How can you do this better than the other law firms that you’re competing with online?

A more effective strategy depends on getting these ingredients right:

  • Developing an effective and joined-up plan across all channels

  • Monitoring and measuring performance (for the metrics that actually matter) to evolve the strategy as you go

  • Using inbound marketing to attract the right kind of people to the site and nurturing them along their journey towards becoming a pre-qualified lead

  • Building trust with your target audience using a variety of different techniques

  • Upskilling your in-house team in the right areas

  • Working with specialist agencies so you can hit the ground running

With 15 years of legal industry marketing experience, Hitsearch understands how to get results in this sector and can help your legal firm to level up your effectiveness and grow your business.

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