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Northwell challenges New Yorkers to Raise Health and talk about healthcare

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Raise Health, a new challenge coined by StrawberyFrog in an ad for Northwell, encourages more conversations about health.

Northwell has released a 30-second ad, conceived by StrawberryFrog, on February 1st aired throughout New York.

The spot, titled Bubble, features a resilient bubble traveling throughout various New York scenes and among people - a symbol of life’s resilience and fragility - culminating with a challenge to all New Yorkers: Raise Health.

Raise Health represents a new way for Northwell to talk about health with the communities it serves. It is meant as a challenge to the entire New York region to collectively raise the expectations of what health can and should be. The new campaign comes as Northwell continues to roll out vaccinations for COVID-19 after ten months of battling the virus in what was the epicenter.

In addition to the anthemic launch TV spot, the Northwell Raise Health movement will include integrated cross-channel content, from a New York Times print ad to outdoor, a dedicated website, radio and social media, to internal employee communications at Northwell. The program includes messaging to showcase Northwell’s leadership in a number of clinical priorities such as the health of women - one of Northwell’s specialty practices.

The launch film was created by StrawberryFrog and directed by Johan Polhem with Chimney Group. The work urges everyone to take a stand for health, and to participate in positive public health while pushing back against societal ills that contribute to absence of wellness – things like food insecurity, social injustice, gun violence, and dangerous lifestyle habits.

“As we work to roll out the vaccine to millions of New Yorkers, the almost year-long battle against COVID-19 demonstrates the need to make public health our biggest priority,” said Ramon Soto, the chief marketing officer of Northwell.

“We’re confident that this campaign will help galvanize people around the mission, and make them aware of what they can do and what we as a health system can do to help. StrawberryFrog’s reputation for strategic and creative excellence shines through in this new work, which demonstrates Northwell’s commitment to championing health both inside and beyond our facilities while building on Northwell’s industry-leading reputation for delivering the best care."

A true movement requires participation, and Northwell wants New Yorkers to take an active role in being health raisers - demanding the best clinical medical outcomes, which Northwell offers, living healthy lifestyles and standing up for what’s right.

As part of the movement, healthcare consumers can go to to learn more about how they can raise health, as well as post how they raise health on social media.

“The Raise Health Movement honestly just puts language to the inspiring actions of Northwell’s leadership and 75,000+ employees - from how they’re combating discrepancies in care across the region, to declaring gun violence a public health crisis. They are health raisers through and through,” said Josh Greenspan, executive creative director at StrawberryFrog.

“The Raise Health movement is one way we can bring hope to New Yorkers who have been courageously fighting the virus for so long, amid other communal perils such as social injustice. We hope it brings optimism and positivity to those that need it, and we hope all New Yorkers participate in the Raise Health movement in their own personal way,” added Dan Langlitz, head of expansion at StrawberryFrog.

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