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German Agency Association GWA members gain access to the Aprais evaluation tool

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Client-agency evaluation specialists, Aprais, has partnered with German Agency Association GWA to provide members with an entry-level version of its globally renowned platform, Relationship Tracker.

Participating agencies can compare their relationship with over 22,000 others in the Aprais database.

GWA saw this move as an opportunity to provide added value to its members.

Ralf Nöcker, managing director of GWA said, “We firmly believe that regular, objective evaluation of relationships between our member agencies and their clients will lead to greater understanding, more productive, longer lasting relationships.

"We are delighted to have Aprais as our partner.”

Called the GWA Relationship Tracker (powered by Aprais), the Aprais platform has been specially adapted for the GWA while retaining its ability to gather and dispense its hallmark benchmark data comprising more than 22,000 evaluations, worldwide.

Simplicity, agility and the confidence gained in the Aprais approach to evaluation management is what sets it apart from ‘off-the-shelf’ or SAAS models.

Keeley Lane, business director in charge of network partnerships for Aprais said, “Our platform has the flexibility to meet the needs of teams at the local, regional and global scale. We are thrilled be in partnership with the GWA to help drive more productive relationships in Germany.

"This is a win-win collaboration that is gaining traction with other industry associations globally. We are excited to extend the Aprais benefits in this way.