Increasing in-store visits with mobile and OOH advertising

By Caroline Sajas | Head of operations UK



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November 26, 2020 | 5 min read

Whether it’s TV, mobile, radio, social or OOH, brands have near limitless advertising possibilities at their fingertips. In an ultra-connected consumer market, they can leverage an endless combination of media to share their messaging and drive customers through their doors. While brands tend to invest a big chunk of their ad spend in mobile, taking a step back to look at the bigger picture and creating a plan by desired outcome instead of silo will get them better results than using one channel on its own.

People engage with many ad-supported media and channels every day, and you shouldn’t lose sight of this as you try to drive footfall to physical points of sale. Another medium that’s becoming digitised is OOH - which is increasingly sold in programmatic auctions. The latest channel partnership driving results is to combine mobile advertising and top performing OOH locations as it can increase drive-to-store visits by X3 (JCDecaux) while optimising multichannel ad spend.

Get the best of your ad spend by combining mobile and OOH…

As a leading mass advertising medium, OOH is a great tool for branding. It’s present at every street corner and bus stop, and helps you stay in touch with consumers, continuously and with consistent reach. On the flipside, mobile is more of a 1-to-1 medium, and a fool proof way to reach individual consumers with personalised messages. It is an invaluable source of data that can show users’ location - helping you target the right audience and measure ad engagement.

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A word to the wise - combining mobile and OOH can give you the best of both worlds. By displaying ads at multiple touchpoints thanks to OOH and leveraging measurable data provided by mobile, you can improve campaign performance and drive more visits to stores. Depending on your goal, these multichannel activations can be leveraged in many different ways for more impactful campaigns. Whether it is for proximity targeting only, a better audience segmentation or precise location-based advertising, mixing mobile and OOH lets you effectively serve customers mobile ads when they are near a particular store and/or an OOH ad display – increasing your reach and optimising your ad spend.

…and drive measurable store visits

Brands spend significant amounts of money on advertising to get customers through their doors, which means measuring its impact is paramount. By combining mobile and OOH, you can leverage users’ location data through their mobile ID - a unique device identifier used in mobile advertising – to link people who have been exposed to an OOH and/or mobile ad and users seen in store to evaluate campaign performance and adapt your strategy towards more visits.

Instead of having a holistic number of visits, with no details as to the best performing channel or strategy, you’ll be able to differentiate three audience groups: people who have seen the mobile ad only, those who have seen the OOH activations only and customers who have been exposed to both.

Your chosen measurement partner will then monitor the location of users in each group, notify you when they detect a store visit, and highlight each group’s visitation rate vs total users exposed to the ad to evaluate the performance of each media and the combination of both. Essentially, by using mobile and OOH and leveraging these channels’ data, you can have a detailed view of your campaign performance and what can really be done to drive more customers to stores.

Combining the technological capabilities of mobile and the mass reach of OOH enables you to deliver outstanding campaigns, drive more customers to stores and keep track of business KPIs to optimise your ad spend. By adopting a multichannel approach strengthened by powerful mobile location targeting and OOH insights, you can be one step ahead and target mobile IDs within a specific radius of your OOH displays in real time to reach users throughout their consumer journey, while increasing brand recall and interactions, and optimising your media mix towards outstanding in-store visits.


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