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Quiz: What’s the best influencer strategy for you?

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What's the best influencer strategy for you?

Confused about which strategy your influencer marketing campaign should use? Take Tailify’s quiz to find out which strategy is best suited for you.

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What type of influencer strategies are there?

There are a range of strategies to use when working with influencers. These can depend on anything from budgets to business goals, previous experience, industry and many other factors. This quiz goes over some of the top-line strategies that are most successful for brands, from ambassador programmes to niche community engagement.

Each brand is special, so while this quiz might give you a fun overview, try and see how the outcome you get could truly apply to your business. What type of influencers would you like to work with, how can you engage them and what content plan will you make?

What is influencer marketing versus traditional channels?

We’ve written about this in detail here, but the key difference can be illustrated by imagining a pub – I know, sore subject right now, but bear with me. Imagine you are in a pub talking to five friends, recommending the latest car or brand of tea you just tried. That is the golden word-of-mouth marketing most brands are looking for and is incredibly effective. However, this is small scale. Now you can reach wider scale audiences through billboards and television ads, or even your own social platforms, but this is only partially targeted and generic.

With influencers, you can create the third-party recommendations you’d find in a pub and share them with a huge audience. Furthermore, you can customise each piece of content to specifically target that influencer’s audience and align with their values. They bring together the elements of third-party recommendations, authenticity and reach in one effective parcel. Oh, and they’ll create the content too so its lockdown-friendly production. Win-win.

Where do I start with influencer marketing strategies?

Take the quiz and consider each question. There are so many questions to ask before you start a campaign, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what to consider before starting. Talk to people who have run campaigns and read some of the fantastic case studies of previous campaigns. Take a look at how brands are adapting this medium to fit their needs and integrating it into the very fabric of their business. Go into your strategy creation inspired and ready to make it work.

What results did you get? Let us know on LinkedIn.

Esme Rice, is marketing director at Tailify

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